JetX3 Casino Game

Ever tried a crash game before? If not, your world is about to be blown, quite literally. The JetX3 casino game allows you to hop on board a rocket that is bound for the wider universe. However, there is no telling how far the rocket will go before the journey comes to an explosive end.

The goal is to bet on the rocket’s journey, and like all crash casino games, your total prize comes down to your courage, timing, and a good old bit of luck. With that said, if you hold on for dear life and the rocket reaches its destination, you could land a maximum payout worth 2000x your wager.

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JetX3 Casino Game RTP and Variance

When browsing through the various metrics of this game, you won’t find a variance rating. This means that it’s difficult to anticipate how frequent payouts will be. However, with a 97% RTP, the average payouts should at least be reasonable.

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JetX3 Game Bonus Features

Crash gaming is not known for its bonus features and other added extras, so as expected, there are no such features in the JetX3 game online. However, there are enough incentives to keep gamers stimulated.

Symbols and Gameplay

Thanks to jet engine visuals and constantly moving rockets, this one is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ve even got countdown sound effects before the round begins to generate a sense of anticipation. Furthermore, there are subtle touches like live player numbers, which serve as a nice distraction once you enter the vacuum of space.

How to Play the JetX3 Casino Game

It’s normal to feel curious about how these games operate. After all, they are quite different from other highly-rated games found in our casino guides. But if you hold fire and watch a few rounds play out before jumping in, you’ll soon familiarize yourself with their mechanics when playing the JetX3 Casino Game.

To play a round, you must first select a bet size using the “+/-“ buttons. We recommend setting up “Auto-Play” since the rounds are held on a rolling basis. When you’ve done this, you’ll have some skin in the game for the next adventure.

The JetX3 casino game has more moving parts than other crash games. Therefore, be sure to tap the “?” icon for a full breakdown.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The three rockets that you bet on here can crash at any moment. As for the respective multipliers, the range starts at 1.01x when the rockets rise from the Martian surface. It then continues to rise as the rockets enter space, and the multiplier can go as high as 2000x—the top prize.

In terms of possible bet values, you can stake anywhere from $1 to $300 per round. So, while there is a low barrier to entry, the JetX3 game also caters to those of you who want to go big.


The JetX3 casino game is a thrilling, action-packed crash game that is sure to inject some excitement into your day. It’s a must-play game for fans of this category, as well as the perfect introduction for all newbies. Sign up here to hop in the rocket and take it for a ride.

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JetX3 Casino Game FAQs

Do I Have To Wager On All Three Rockets?

No, you can wager on just one of them if you want.

What Is The Best Way To Get Guaranteed Returns?

While there is no guaranteed way to make consistent cash, it’s a good call to wager on several rockets at varying cashout levels.

Should I Use The Auto-Collect Feature?

The application of this feature is a matter of personal preference, but it is very useful.

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