Fortune 18 Game by Inbet Games

Fortune 18 by name, Fortune 18 by nature — is a game of pure luck. The Fortune 18 Game is based on chance and chance alone. This is what makes it an extra special title, and it springs from the creative talents at Inbet Games. 

Like any online Roulette game, you can play conservatively or go all out with each spin. But how will you choose to play it? Will you play within your means or aim to build your own Fortune 18?

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How to Play the Fortune 18 Game

Have you played a free roulette game? The style of play and mechanics of the Fortune 18 ame are essentially identical when it comes to knowing how to play it. Once you’ve picked the segment of the wheel you want to bet on, you must choose a stake. This can be the same for each segment you bet on, or you can adjust the wager values as you see fit.

Once you’re happy with your bets, you must wait for the countdown to finish, which is when the wheel spins. The outcome is then revealed and your winnings/losses are shown on the main screen.

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Fortune 18 Game RTP and Variance

In Fortune 18 online, payout frequency varies with your wagers: low payouts yield more frequent returns, while higher payouts are less frequent. No specific variance or RTP is provided by Inbet Games, leaving no set metrics for guidance.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

No matter which segment of the wheel you choose to cover, the available bets always range from $1 to $100.

Individual Number18x
Zone 1-92x
Zone 10-182x
Zone 1-63x
Zone 7-123x
Zone 13-183x
Even Color6x
Odd Color6x

Fortune 18 Game Bonus Features

If there is one drawback about the Fortune 18 roulette, it’s that no bonuses are available. This means that you can’t risk any winnings, benefit from things like Free Spins, or anything of the sort. However, it is still an exciting online casino game to play, as you’ll discover when you take the Fortune 18 game demo for a whirl.

Symbols and Gameplay

By paying close attention to the paytable, you’ll notice that the Fortune 18 game online wheel has 18 segments. These are the “symbols” of the game, if you will, and they are the most important part since they determine the outcome of each spin. As for the general gameplay, this one operates using 2D visuals and a dynamic centerpiece (the main wheel).


If you prefer complex casino games, with many elements to them, Fortune 18 might not be the one for you. However, if you are a fan of simple games with rewarding payouts, this one will be right up your street. The best way to find out whether it’s right for you is to register here and take the wheel for a spin or two.

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Fortune 18 Game FAQs

Should I Place Multiple Bets In Any Single Spin?

That’s your choice. By placing multiple bets, you will cover more of the wheel, but this also increases your exposure per spin.

Should I Pay Attention To The Rounds History?

You can take note of the rounds history, sure, but previous outcomes don’t have any influence on upcoming spins.

How Long Do I Have To Place My Bets Between Each Spin?

You have exactly two minutes between each spin to think about what wagers to place and then get them down.

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