Mini Roulette by Inbet Games

We all know how much fun Roulette can be, but what about a condensed version of this insanely popular table game? That’s precisely what Mini Roulette provides, courtesy of Inbet Games. Instead of 37 pockets, it has 13, including the single zero. Therefore, it has around 50% of the number of regular roulette wheel pockets.

So, what makes this game special, and why should you try it? The answer is easy. With payouts of up to 12:1, optional gambles, and 50% cashback for single zero outcomes (unless covered), the value of the Mini Roulette Game is exceptional. 

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How to Play Mini Roulette

If you’ve hit the roulette tables in the past, you’ll understand perfectly how things work with the Mini Roulette. If not, it’s a case of selecting your bet size using the sliding scale next to the roulette wheel. From there, you tap the various bets you wish to make on the associated betting table. 

Thanks to this condensed wheel, you only have three types of bets to make, keeping things ultra-simple and easy to comprehend. Once you’re happy with your wagers, just tap “Spin” to get things moving.

Hit the “Help” button for a full game overview. 

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Mini Roulette RTP and Variance

Mini Roulette offers an RTP of 92.31%, which is okay for a European Roulette variant. This is lower than others due to the 50% cashback on single zero outcomes, which impacts the theoretical “return to player”. 

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

In Mini Roulette online, betting starts at a minimum of $1 and can go up to a maximum limit of $50.


Mini Roulette Bonus Features

Getting down to brass tacks now, what is it that makes Mini Roulette more desirable than other casino games in the roulette category? Of course, it boils down to the inclusion of unique features. This is a clever choice from Inbet Games, and it adds some serious spice to each spin of the wheel.

One of the game’s features is beyond your control, whereas the other is there to use at your discretion. The former is the 50% money-back promise if the ball lands in the zero pocket and you haven’t covered this outcome. As for the latter, it comes in the form of a stimulating “Gamble” feature. This feature gives you the chance to double your payout by wagering on the spin of a wheel. If correct, you bag a 2x boost. If you’re wrong, the original win disappears and you get nothing.

Symbols and Gameplay

There is an arcade-like presentation to this game, with stars dancing around the interface and a machine-style control panel, lending it a somewhat retro feel. Despite this, the gameplay mirrors what you would experience in live dealer casinos. Inbet Games enhances the immersion with sound effects that activate when placing bets and when the wheel spins.


It’s the presence of pure chance that fuels the popularity of roulette. Yet Mini Roulette gives something even more, as it combines chance with advanced risk features, all packaged into a unique format.

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Mini Roulette FAQs

Can I Play This Game In Auto-Mode?

Yes, but be careful, as the “Gamble” feature isn’t active during auto-plays.

Can I Lock In Several Wagers For Each Spin?

Absolutely. If desired, you can spread several wagers around the table, each with different bet sizes.

How Many Times Can I Gamble My Winnings?

You can only gamble your winnings one time. You’ll either double your money or leave with nothing when using this feature.

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