Bumble Bee Slot by KA Gaming

KA Gaming is generally good at creating lighthearted themes, and that’s why players love them. On that note, the Bumble Bee Slot is a fun, colorful, and welcoming video slot that packs a real punch. We say that from the perspective of payouts and their frequency, mainly.

Each time you buzz your way around the reels you are playing with 9 paylines, and there is a nice range of symbols to keep things varied. So, does this sound like a slot you’d enjoy? 

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How to Play the Bumble Bee Slot

As you will see when you first lay eyes on the Bumble Bee Slot, the 3×3 matrix is compact and easy to understand. Therefore, it seems appropriate for the gameplay elements to be nice and easy to comprehend too. As for spinning the reels, you can choose a fresh wager value through the “New Bet” section. 

When you’re ready to spread some honey around the grid, you can get things moving by tapping “Spin”. If you don’t want the hassle of triggering each spin, you can always sit back and program auto-spins.

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Bumble Bee Slot RTP and Variance

It’s not always easy to find the variance and RTP values for KA Gaming online slots, despite how popular its titles are. However, the Bumble Bee Slot online comes with a defined value for both metrics. The RTP is 94% and there is a medium to high variance rating. 

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Despite the relatively low number of paylines in play, there is still a large bet range in the Bumble Bee Slot Game that runs from $0.09 to $18. 

Symbol2 on a Payline3 on a Payline
Honey Jarx0.33x4.44
Gold Ringx0.33x6.66
Bumble Beex0.55x11.11

Bumble Bee Slot Bonus Features

While there are many video slots supplied by KA Gaming with plenty of features, this isn’t one of them. Sadly, zero extra features would be regarded as bonuses, which is quite different from other 3×3 slots that you can investigate in our game reviews

Symbols and Gameplay

The overall aesthetics in the Bumble Bee slot online are magnificent. This is true for everything from the honeycomb backdrop to the lively animations that fly in with every winning spin. Furthermore, you’ve got diverse sound effects when the reels come to a halt, and when varying symbols form winning connections. 

Taking these factors into account, we’d say KA Gaming has done an excellent job with the overall gameplay of this slot.

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The Bumble Bee slot might be lacking a few features, but the possible payouts and quality of gameplay are undeniable. This alone helps to keep avid slot spinners coming back to this one regularly. Rather than simply reading about it, why not taste this sugary slot game by signing up now?

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Bumble Bee Slot FAQs

What Happens If I Select The “Max Bet” Button?

This simply provides a shortcut to wagering the highest possible bet of $18. Note that this bet remains in play until you adjust it to a separate value.

Does This Game Have Any Wilds Or Scatters?

No, no Scatters or Wilds are floating through these reels.

Is There A Specified Jackpot In The Bumble Bee Slot Game?

No. However, there is a maximum possible payout in the game, which is 11.11x your stake size.

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