Dragon 8 Slot by SimplePlay

There are many Chinese-style slots out there that are focused on mythical beings. Such themes are incredibly popular in the online casino world, which is why the release of the Dragon 8 slot had many gamers excited. This spectacular game, produced by SimplePlay, follows a 3×1 format with an arcade-style aesthetic.

What’s more, the game has three progressive jackpots, wins of up to 3000x, and Wilds on each of the three reels. Of course, you’ve got mythical dragons conjuring up magic with each spin too. How does all of that sound?

If it sounds right up your street, read the Dragon 8 online casino game review in full, and sign up now to get things started. Read this Dragon 8 Game Review to find out how to win the game!

How to Play the Dragon 8 Slot

When you first open the Dragon 8 Slot, the interface will remind you of those classic arcade slot games from back in the day. Read our casino guides if that sounds somewhat foreign! The buttons include “Coin”, “Line Bet”, “Max Bet”, “Spin”, and “Auto-Play”, all nestled in the control panel. 

By increasing or decreasing the first two of these, you will create the total wager per spin. This takes care of the requirements on your part. But the real fun begins when you hit “Spin” and awaken those dangerous dragons from their slumber. Click the “?” icon for extra gameplay information.

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Dragon 8 Slot RTP and Variance

With compact games like the Dragon 8 slot, it’s normal to find higher RTPs. Therefore, the 95.92% RTP isn’t entirely a surprise, but the fact that the RTP is this high with 3x progressive jackpots is something you don’t find every day. And topping things off, the game has a medium to high variance rating.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

For a taste of the Dragon 8 slot, you can wager anywhere between the limits of $0.50 at the bottom and $30 at the top. As a reminder, “Coin Size” and “Line Bet” are the controls that determine your risk per spin.

Symbol1 on a Payline2 on a Payline3 on a Payline
Any 1x Orange Ball / Gold Dragon123
Any 2x Orange Ball / Gold Dragon51015
Orange Ball102030
Green Ball204060
Red Ball50100150
Purple Dragon80160240
Green Dragon100200300
Red Dragon200400600
Gold Dragon300600900
Three Dragons80016003000

Dragon 8 Slot Bonus Features

There’s only so much you can tweak on games that have just three reels and one payline. So the fact that there aren’t any base game features in the Dragon 8 online slot shouldn’t be held against SimplePlay. However, the game has three progressive jackpots that you can win on any single spin. 

We’d say that despite the lack of features, these huge potential payouts more than make up for it.

Symbols and Gameplay

The theme music for this game is very dramatic, and it does feel like a menacing dragon is going to pop out of nowhere. This never actually happens until you score a win with one of the many multicolored dragons floating through the reels. When this does occur, you may just jump out of your chair as they roar in your favor.

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We understand that the 3×1 grid system might not stimulate everyone’s slot-spinning appetite. But if you give this game a chance, you may be surprised at just how much fun you can have. On that note, sign up now to go and find those mythical beasts.

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Dragon 8 Slot FAQs

How Many Line Bets Can Be Made Per Spin?

You can place 3x line bets per spin.

How Many Auto-Spins Can I Initiate At A Time?

You can set up to 1000 spins at once.

Must I Always Play At A Set Game Speed?

No. There is an extra button in the command board that can be used to trigger faster spins.

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