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How to Play Blackjack Switch

The Rules of Blackjack Switch For Online Casinos

Players from all over the world have long enjoyed playing the well-liked casino table game of blackjack. And even though this game has many variations, playing it demands skill and strategy in addition to luck. Despite knowing the basics of the Blackjack game, few people know how to play Blackjack Switch.

‘Blackjack Switch’ is a well-known variation of the classic Blackjack game played by many gamblers. Players can place identical bets in this variation of blackjack online and have the option to swap the second cards dealt to each hand if they choose so. That is a simple approach to how to play Blackjack Switch.

This variation of Blackjack, created by Geof Hall, differs slightly from regular Blackjack when the dealer has a hand total of 22. This is because when the dealer’s hand totals 22, it is not considered a “bust”; instead, it is counted as a “draw.” It is not a draw if the player has a Blackjack that was not created by a “switch” or “split.”

The Rules of Blackjack Switch For Online Casinos 

Different casinos may have various rules for how to play the Blackjack Switch game. The rules below can teach you how to play it

  • Standard 52-card decks (six or eight) are used. 
  • Hitting on soft 17 is a must for the dealer. 
  • You can double down on any two cards. 
  • You can split any two cards of the same rank. 
  • You can double down after splitting a pair.
  • You can resplit up to four hands.
  • If the dealer’s upcard is an Ace, the player is allowed to make an insurance bet. 
  • If the dealer’s hand comprises an Ace and a 10 up-card, he will peek for a blackjack. 
  • If the player switches to blackjack, it is counted as an ordinary 21. It receives only a 3-to-1 bonus.

Some casinos might make use of these two additional rules: 

  • The dealer must always stand on a soft 17.
  • A player’s late surrender is allowed.

As was previously said, before playing online real blackjack, you should always review the regulations for playing Blackjack Switch because they vary depending on the casino. This would help you avoid mistakes or regrets early enough.

How to Play Blackjack Switch 

Blackjack Switch is played with a six-deck set of cards on a regular-sized blackjack table, played the following way:

  1. Place your wager: To start the game, every player must place two bets of the same amount, together with any side bets they wish to place. This is always the first step on how to play blackjack switch.
  2. Playing Cards: The dealer goes ahead to deal two cards to himself and each player. The first card dealt to each player, including the dealer, faced up; the second card dealt faced down only for the dealer. 
  3. Switch or Not? The dealer goes ahead to ask if the player wants to switch the second (top) card dealt to them. You should know that it is only the second card you can swap in the blackjack switch. If the player goes ahead to switch, the dealer will then switch the top two cards of the two hands. 
  4. Determine whether you want to split, double down, hit, or stand: After players decide whether to switch or not, starting from the right-hand side of the betting box, players have to decide whether to split, double down, hit, or stand until the hand is completed. The same is also done for the left-hand side of the betting box. 
  • Stand: The player makes no action on the hand. 
  • Hit: You get an extra card for your hand. If it doesn’t bust, you can hit it to stand again. 
  • Double: You double your initial bet and receive one more card in hand. 
  • Split: When the first two cards in the hand have the same value, you can split them into two hands. You have to double the bet and play two hands individually.
  1. Finish the hand: The dealer then opens his face-down card and plays his hand after every player has decided whether to split, double down, hit, or stand. They then compare the two hands to determine which is the better hand.

Keep in mind that they will always hit on a soft 17, and if their hand totals 22, they will draw.

Blackjack Switch Strategy

Making use of an optimal strategy while playing is very important to understand how to play Blackjack Switch. The chances of winning can be greatly increased by making use of some strategies that will make you agree with others that blackjack rules card games at any casino:

Hard Hands 

A hard hand is one without an ace. Use the following strategies for a hard hand: 

  • 4 to 8: Always hit
  • 10: Double down against 2 through 8; unless hit.
  • 12: Stand against 5 and 6; unless hit.
  • 14–16: Stand up against 2–6; otherwise, hit.
  • 4 to 8: Always hit
  • 11: Against 2–9, double down; otherwise, hit.
  • 13: Against 3–6, stand; otherwise, hit.
  • 17 upwards: Always stand.

Soft Hands 

A soft hand always has an ace that won’t bust. Take the following strategies: 

  • Soft 13 through 15: Always hit
  • Soft 16: Double down against 6; otherwise, hit. 
  • Soft 17: Double down against 5 or 6; otherwise, hit. 
  • Soft 18: Double down against 5 and 6, hit against 9, 10, and an ace; otherwise, stand.
  • Soft 19 upwards: Always stand.


Take the following strategies for splits: 

  • Split 2s and 3s against 5, 6, and 7; otherwise, hit. 
  • 5s: Double down against 2 down to 8; otherwise, hit.
  • 7s: Split against the numbers 2 through 7; otherwise, hit. 
  • 9s: Split against 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9; otherwise, stand.
  • Aces: Always split. 
  • 4s: Always hit.
  • 6s: Split against 4, 5, and 6; otherwise, hit.
  • 8s: Split against 2 down to 9; otherwise, hit. 
  • 10s: Always stand.

Other helpful hints for learning how to play blackjack switch include:

  1. Bankroll management 
  2. Do not place the insurance bet. 
  3. Practice playing at online casinos with the free trial versions made available.


Everything about playing a casino game still comes down to understanding the basic rules and how to play the game. If you want to learn how to play spanish 21 blackjack or Blackjack Switch, you must first find a guide and learn every game detail.

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Can you count cards when playing Blackjack Switch?

Card counting is legal for blackjack switch players, yes.

Are blackjack switch games available at online casinos?

Most online casinos provide Blackjack Switch. So, internet casinos will always offer this variation of blackjack. Some online casinos also provide it as a live dealer option or video blackjack.