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Dice Game Basics: Learn the Hoo Hey How Strategy

The Hoo Hey How Strategy and Characteristics

Hoo-Hey-How, also known as Fish-Prawn-Crab, is a classic Chinese dice game that makes use of six special symbols instead of numbers like the usual dice. On each die, you’ll find six characters: fish, shrimp, crab, rooster, gourd, and stag/tiger/fortune symbol.

Hoo-Hey-How is a very simple and entertaining game to play. It is very popular among Asians, as there is a Vietnamese version of it called “Bau cua ca cop.” If you want to play an online casino dice game for fun, Hoo-Hey-How is the game for you.

In the realm of top casino games, Hoo-Hey-How stands out for its simplicity. The goal of playing this game is as straightforward as predicting possible character combinations that will appear on the three dice after rolling. For a game of Hoo-Hey-How to commence, a dealer and between 2 and 10 players must be available.

Hoo-Hey-How is purely a game of luck, and there is not much Hoo Hey How strategy you can make use of. But we’ll go through how to play Hoo-Hey-How and some basic tips to optimize your chances of winning.

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The Hoo Hey How Strategy and Characteristics

The rules of this game are important for every player to know before deciding to even play:

  • The game uses three dice. Each die has six characters: fish, shrimp, crab, rooster, gourd, and stag/tiger/fortune symbol.
  • Only six bets are available to players, i.e., one bet for each character.
  • If the character on which a bet was placed appears only once, the payout is 1 to 1, 2 to 1, if it appears twice, and 3 to 1, if it appears three times.
  • In some cases, triple wagers are available. If three dice show the same character, the bet wins, paying out 30:1. It doesn’t matter which character ends up as the triple after the roll.

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We’re pretty sure you’re here because you’ve never played the Hoo-Hey-how game before and want to learn a Hoo Hey How strategy to win. With this online casino guide, you’ll discover that Hoo-Hey-How is a simple online casino game, and we’ll help you navigate its nuances effectively.

  1. Choose a character: In Hoo-Hey-How, there are six characters; you must choose one. The characters are fish, shrimp, crab, rooster, gourd, and stag/tiger/fortune symbol, and they all have the same odds.
  2. Place a bet: Players must bet on the character they rolled on the die. You should always bet an amount you can always afford to lose and that won’t drain your bankroll quickly. An optional triple bet is also available for players. The triple bet is predicting that all three dice will show the symbol you pick facing up. It’s a risky bet, but it pays out 30 to 1.
  3. Roll the dice: Once all bets have been placed by the players, the dealer will pick the dice from the saucer and roll them on the layout. In some cases, the dice will be covered with a bowl, and both the bowl and saucer will be shaken thoroughly.
  4. After shaking, they place it on the layout, and the bowl reveals the upward-facing characters.
  5. Payout: Once the outcome of the roll has been revealed, you will know if you won or lost. The payouts are 1 to 1 for one matching symbol, 2 to 1 for two matching symbols, 3 to 1 for three matching symbols, and 30 to 1 for any triple bet.

Most casino popular games, like table games or slot machine games, have tips or pointers to help maximize the chances of winning. But in the case of Hoo-Hey-How, you shouldn’t forget that it is purely a game of luck. Check the following tips for playing:

  • Bankroll Management

Hoo-Hey-How is based on probability and chance, and to lose less money when playing, it is advisable to create a bankroll. Making a bankroll is wise and will save you a lot of money.

Select a particular amount of money you’d like to use for your bets, and bet in small amounts instead of large amounts. If you continue to bet large amounts in the hopes of winning a large sum, you may end up losing all of your money. It is better to win in accumulated small portions than to lose for a while before hitting a big win.

  • Avoid the Triple Bet

The triple bet can be very tempting and appealing, but you should try as much as possible to avoid it. It is a high-risk bet, but if you win, you will receive 30 times your initial bet. Moreover, the house edge increases significantly to a huge 13.9% when you place this bet, but when you stick to the normal Hoo-Hey-How-bet, the house edge remains at 7.9%.

So, it is always advisable to stick to normal bets keeping in mind that this will minimize losses for you.

  • Learn the odds and house edge

At online casinos, they estimate the house edge to be 7.9%.The payouts for a single, double, and triple symbol are 1 to 1, 2 to 1, and 3 to 1, respectively. These exclude the triple bet that pays out 30 to 1.

  • Set a profit and loss limit

Knowing when to leave, during profits or losing streaks, is crucial. No matter how much you win or lose, you should be able to tell when is time to leave.

Final Thoughts

While playing slot games, know that you need some elements of luck, and we hope you get some. To play the Hoo-Hey-How game, visit Slots Paradise Casino. And if you’re ever in the mood to switch things up, you can delve into rummy 500 rules and other game guides we offer. Additionally, keep an eye on our social media and casino news updates to boost your knowledge and increase your chances of becoming a winner!


Can I play hoo hey how for free?

Yes, quite a number of online casinos that offer the game of Hoo Hey How also offer a free trial version too.

What is the RTP in hoo hey how?

At online casinos, hoo hey how offers a 92.1% return to player, with an estimated house edge of 7.9%.

What is the basic strategy for the Hoo Hey How dice game?

Hoo Hey How, a Chinese dice game, has players bet on the outcome of three bowl-rolled dice. The basic strategy is to observe patterns or trends in the dice outcomes and adjust bets accordingly. However, it’s essential to understand that each roll is independent, and there’s no guaranteed way to predict the next outcome. In games of chance, managing bankroll and setting betting limits enhance enjoyment and reduce losses.