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How to Play Keno Slots

Hints on how to play Keno slots

If you have heard of, and are interested in learning how to play keno slots, you will undoubtedly be searching for the best techniques and recommendations. With the help of our comprehensive American casino guides, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how to play keno slots and be able to choose the best course of action when you encounter a situation that calls for expertise. You’ll come to realize that employing the greatest method to increase your chances of winning when playing keno is more important than luck.

Hints on How to Play Keno Slots

The rules and gameplay of the slot machines are similar to those of the lottery. Keno is an easy game because all you have to do is choose numbers and hope they end up being among the winning numbers that are selected randomly.

Understanding Keno’s Fundamental Rules

  • To know how to play keno slots, regardless of whether you want to do so at a physical or online casino, you must first obtain a keno card. Decide how much to gamble on the number of numbers you wish to choose once you have the card in your possession.
  • You choose from the pool of 80 numbers that are shown. You have the option of choosing a number between 1 and 20.
  • In most casinos, 20 or so numbers are always picked at random. Additionally, you are paid for each number you choose that coincides with the numbers drawn. The payment increases with the number of selections you match.

A Guide for Playing Keno Slot Machines 

You can’t just decide to play at a casino with your hard-earned money one day without having any prior knowledge of how to play keno slots, can you? This casino guide was created for learning purposes. To learn how to play keno slots, understand the following guidelines: 

  • You choose the numbers you want from the pool of 80 numbers. 
  • When playing, a payout table that details how much a player can win by matching specific numbers is displayed. 
  • The more numbers you can match, the larger your payment. 
  • While playing, hot and cold Keno numbers appear. While cold numbers rarely show up, hot numbers do.
  • The numbers drawn would show up on the screen when you play at an online casino, and any match between those numbers and the player’s selected numbers would be considered a win. 
  • Your numbers will be highlighted if they match the numbers that were drawn.

Keno Card Types

  • The Straight Card 

Since this card is the typical keno card you can obtain at most casinos, it is more well-liked. Players merely need to decide which numbers to choose when using a straight keno card. Make your number choices and play the round; nothing else is required. 

  • “The Way Card” 

The groups of numbers that the players select to wager on are called bets. Make a circle around each of the numbers you choose after choosing them. Your required wagers per round will increase as the number of groups on your card increases.

  • Splitting Cards

You can place simultaneous bets on two sets of numbers in a round while using a split card. Each set is handled separately, and since you are simultaneously placing two bets, the wager for both sets is double what you would pay for a straight-card bet.

  • The Combination Card

Several players join forces to play a chosen set of numbers on one ticket. This card, commonly referred to as a “combo card” might include both straight and way bets.

  • The top-bottom card

Instead of picking numbers at random, this form of card requires you to choose one-half of the numbers as the “top” and the other half as the “bottom.” Once you’ve done that, choose one of the halves and then pick the numbers you want to appear in that half. You win the bet if your half has 13 or more numbers.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Keno on the Slot Machines

Review the odds

No matter how enthusiastic you are about playing slot machines for real money, you should always research your chances of striking the chosen numbers. Most players, especially those who have just learned how to play keno slots, tend to skip over looking at the probabilities of numbers coming up because they may find it tedious.

Consider selecting 20 numbers as an example. The likelihood of correctly guessing all 20 numbers is 1 out of more than 3.5 million, and the likelihood of correctly guessing just one number is 1 out of 86. Check the odds of your keno wagers regularly to stay informed. 

Keno game that pays out well 

After understanding how to play Keno slots, you should choose to play for real money. You might believe that all Keno slot games payout in the same way; since this is true, you should search for the keno machine with the highest payout.

For example, online casinos that provide Keno slots offer a higher payout than physically located casinos. It won’t be pleasant to realize that after learning how to play, you lost money you shouldn’t have because you picked a low-payout keno slot game.

The stake

While placing large bets always increases your chances of winning, a high degree of danger is involved. Regardless of how much adrenaline is coursing through you, you should always be careful while placing bets.

Moreover, even though larger bets could be tempting because they pay out more, if you have a tiny bankroll, you should always place small wagers. A 5-to-1 payment, for instance, would return $15 for a $3 wager but $50 for a $10 wager.

The number of spots

It is advisable to pick between four and eight numbers because of the odds and payout. Your chances of winning decrease as you select fewer numbers.

Take Advantage of the Bonus 

One of the best strategies to use is always to use the bonuses offered to you by the online casino you decide to play at. You can always get additional value for your bets when you use the bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Before dabbling into a game, what matters is having a thorough understanding of the game. This is why we recommend you to visit our Slots Paradise Casino guides section for premium guidelines and tips. Ready to play Keno? Visit our keno game section right away.

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FAQs: How to Play Keno Slots

What number has the best odds in Keno?

Numbers between 4 and 8 have high odds of payout in Keno. So it is advisable to pick between those numbers

Which is better, online casinos or land-based casinos?

The decision to play at an online casino or a physical casino depends on you. Though, in our opinion, most players prefer playing at online casinos since it is quicker and can be done anytime and anywhere.