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Learn How To Play Video Poker and Win

Key Points on How to Play Video Poker and Win - Slots Paradise

Video poker has stood the test of time ever since it showed up on casino floors in 1970. When you know well your way around video games like poker, you know they offer one of the highest odds in gambling, allowing you to influence the game’s outcome. It is popularly said that video poker is a game of luck, but we can assure you that with a carefully laid strategy, you can learn how to play video poker and win.

Some of these strategies include understanding the paytable of your game of choice. This guide will discuss how to beat video poker and win, including learning strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Key Points on How to Play Video Poker and Win

Video poker has several variants, but they all have similar rules for playing since it is based on five-card draw poker. Below are the rules for playing video poker:

  • A standard deck of 52 cards is used to play video poker.
  • The hands used in video poker are the standard poker hands.
  • Every player is dealt five initial cards.
  • Players are allowed to hold or discard any or all of their cards.
  • Any card discarded by a player must be replaced by drawing another card.
  • The poker hand you end up with determines your payout.

Understanding the basics of video poker and the rules for playing is a great way to learn how to play and win. Take your time to understand these rules, as they are essential to winning at video poker.

Learn First How to Play Video Poker 

Let’s briefly go through how to play poker before going through tips on how to win video poker. Irrespective of the video poker variant you play, all video poker games still have the same way of playing. Here’s how to play poker:

  1. Place a bet

Decide how many coins you want to bet after depositing money into the machine. When playing, it is best to bet the maximum number of coins, five. Click the buttons for placing bets on the video poker machine or click the plus (+) or minus (-) icon to choose the number of coins at an online casino. While choosing the number of coins, always select a denomination you can afford to play.

  1. Deal

Click on the deal button to receive your initial five cards.

  1. Hold or discard

You can discard or hold cards to create the exact hand combination you want. Select the cards you want to hold or discard. Click on the ‘Hold’ and ‘Discard’ buttons, respectively, to hold or discard cards as you want. You need to click on the ‘draw’ button to draw new cards.

  1. Payout

After making up your best hand combination of five cards, the result of your hand will be matched with the hands in the video game paytable. The result of your hand will be displayed at the top of the screen, and you get paid according to your hand. Note that the better your hand is, the higher your payout. So, always make sure to create the best hand combination.

Remember Some Basics for Casino Online Games

You can’t say that you know how to play poker and win using guesswork alone. It doesn’t work that way because you may lose a lot of money. Instead, it would be best if you had a better strategy. Follow these tips and strategies to learn how to play video poker and win.

  • Learn the basic rules

Without learning the basic rules of playing the video poker variant you choose, there’s no way you can learn how to play video poker and win. Each poker variant has peculiarities to its RTP, paytable, etc., so it is crucial you learn about the rules. For example, you have to learn the basic rules of how to play deuces wild before taking a chance at the game without knowledge. Only when you know the game’s basic rules can you win.

  • Study and choose the right pay table

Some video poker variants have more than one paytable that pays out differently. You need to study all the paytables the video game has, and pick the version with the right paytable that favors you. When you check the paytable, you get to know how much you earn back in return for every hand you win.

One way to pick the right paytable is by checking the Return to Player (RTP) at the table. The “return to player” means that for every $100 wagered, you will receive between $98.7 and $97. For example, if two tables have RTPs of 98.7% and 97%, respectively. You should pick the table with an RTP of 98.7% because it offers you a better chance of winning than the one with an RTP of 97%. And if you look well, you’ll see that it’s better to choose the one with 98.7%.

  • Practice

Practice will help you learn how to play video poker and win faster. And you can practice for free at online casinos that offer free trial versions of various video poker games. With enough practice, you will be able to understand and apply the basic rules and strategies of playing video poker games. With the virtual money provided at online casinos, you can practice as long as you want until you can play for real money.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the gaming tips above will help you make better decisions while playing video poker online. For more gaming tips, visit the Slots Paradise casino guides section.

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FAQs – How To Play Video Poker and Win

Can I play video poker online freely?

Yes, many online casinos provide free video poker demo versions so players can learn how to play video poker using virtual money.

How can I win real money at video poker online?

There’s no sure way to win at video poker games since it is a game of luck. But with video poker tips and strategies, you can increase your chances of winning video poker.