How to Play Blackjack Switch

How to Play Blackjack Switch

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How to Play Blackjack Switch at Slots Paradise Online Casino

Are you a fan of Blackjack and want to see a cool and interesting variation of the classic game? Have you ever played multiple hands and wished you could switch your hands to win more? Well, you are in luck with Blackjack Switch. Today, we are going to dive into this game and discuss how to make a lot of money playing this type of game and of course teach you how to play blackjack switch. 

Objective of Blackjack Switch

The objective of Blackjack Switch is just like regular blackjack as you want to get as close to 21 without going over. However, you are working with two hands compared to one so it adds a different level to what you want to do as you have to have an even number of hands to play. It will make sense as we discuss how to play the game.   

What Makes it Different Than Traditional Blackjack?

This game is very similar to traditional Blackjack but there are a couple of differences. One thing is the fact that in Blackjack Switch, you must play two hands instead of a single hand. Also, when you are handed your hands, you have the ability to switch the top card with each hand to make a better hand in this game.

One huge difference is the dealer advantage. To offset the different player abilities to maneuver hands, the dealer can hold a 22 and result in a push if the player has 21 but not in the traditional sense (a 10/face card and an ace). Outside of those slight tweaks, Blackjack Switch is the same as Traditional Blackjack. 

How to Play Blackjack Switch

In order to begin playing Blackjack Switch, you are going to make two identical wagers (as if you were playing two hands in a traditional Blackjack game). The dealer will deal you the cards and say one hand has a jack and an eight while the other has a jack and a three. The dealer will ask if you would like to switch top cards as you have the ability to so you would switch the cards and have an 11 on one hand and a 20 on the other. Now it is just like traditional Blackjack as you can decide if you want to double down on the 11 to get one additional card or if you want to stay put. 

Card Value & Paytable

The card values are very simple to understand. Any card with a number associated with it will be that card’s value in Blackjack games so a two of hearts is worth two while a seven of spades will be worth seven. The 10, jack, queen, and king are all the same value as they are 10 points while the ace is the only card that has two different values. The ace can be used as a one or an 11 depending on which will make your hand the better option. 

The payout is a 1:1 payout as you are going to win the same amount of money that you wager. That means if you wager $25 on a hand and win, you would receive an additional $25 or $50 in total. This is a big difference as traditional Blackjack typically will pay out 3:2 on a Blackjack but here it does not matter what you win with but as long as you win, you will receive the same amount of money that you wagered. 

Blackjack Switch Tips and Strategy

With the difference of the dealer being able to have a 22 hand and force a push, you need to play a little more aggressively than you would in a traditional Blackjack game. This is because the dealer is less likely to bust and you need to step up to try to hold an 11 point advantage (have a 19 if the dealer shows an eight). 

Another big tip is to understand when to switch. You get the option to switch the “upcard” and if you have a 13 and an 18 with the ability to switch to 19 and 13. However, the thing is that you want to switch if you get an advantage on both hands and not just one of the two. Don’t fall too in love with switching as you do not need to do it just because the ability is there. Look at what both hands will become and if you gain an advantage on both sides, then do it.  

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