How to Play Keno

How to Play Keno

Casino School: How to Play Keno

Intro to Keno

Have you ever dreamed about selecting the correct number and winning the lottery? Well, Keno is one of the ways to fulfill that dream and not have to continue to see random people winning to get you upset. Read about How to Play Keno!

In order to begin playing Keno, you need to open an account at, make a deposit, redeem your bonus with the deposit to add to your bankroll, and begin in the fun and make some money!

Objective of Keno

The objective of Keno is simple; you want to select the numbers that you believe are going to be selected by the screen. This is easier on the computer as they will show you your ticket next to the board selecting the winning numbers so you can see in real-time if a number matches up and makes you a winner instead of searching your card and trying to match up the numbers. 

This is essentially playing the lottery at a very decreased scale as you are choosing a few numbers and seeing if they end up winners. This game usually happens every few minutes continuously so it gives you a chance to figure out what numbers to choose each time.

How to Play Keno

Keno is a relatively simplistic game to understand, and we will walk you through a game so you can understand what is going on. You will begin with a Keno card that has the numbers 1-80 on it. You will select the numbers that you want to play (which can be anywhere from two to 10 different numbers). Next, you will select if you want to bet one or bet max. If you select the “bet one” option and have five numbers crossed off, it will cost credits. That is all you need to do to get into the action. 

You will watch the screen as they generate the winning numbers. The winning numbers will appear and if any of your numbers match, you are a winner! It’s a very easy-to-understand game that brings the simple nature of watching the Powerball numbers into your hands at a very frequent rate.  

Keno Rules & Payout Structure

Keno rules and payout structure are pretty straightforward and gives you the odds depending on which game you play. Below is going to be the estimated probability of winning for each spot game (meaning how many matches you can get on a single ticket so spot game is replaceable with simply numbers bet)

  • 1 Spot Game has a 1 in 4 chance of winning
  • 2 Spot Game has a 1 in 16.63 chance of winning
  • 3 Spot Game has a 1 in 6.55 chance of winning
  • 4 Spot Game has a 1 in 3.86 chance of winning
  • 5 Spot Game has a 1 in 10.34 chance of winning
  • 6 Spot Game has a 1 in 6.19 chance of winning
  • 7 Spot Game has a 1 in 4.23 chance of winning
  • 8 Spot Game has a 1 in 9.77 chance of winning
  • 9 Spot Game has a 1 in 9.75 chance of winning
  • 10 Spot Game has a 1 in 9.05 chance of winning

Keno Strategy & Tips

One major keno strategy that I cannot stress enough is to get your feet under you in the practice mode. You do not want your first time to be where money is on the line and instead dedicate a chunk of time to the practice mode. This will show you how frequently or infrequently a number can win and make you understand when you should hit numbers and when you should fade away from them.

Another strategy to use is to understand the sweet spot of how many numbers to choose on your ticket. We already discussed the odds earlier but the best is to go anywhere from four to eight numbers on a single ticket at a time. The odds of winning are pretty good and that makes it easier on you. 

Looking for the correct numbers is always going to be interesting but there are a few methods to get going and select winning numbers. One thing to do is to select some of the cold numbers or the numbers that have not won in a few games as the probability that it will hit has definitely increased a bit after a few games. Remember that this is a computer game so the game is going to have a bit of a tell in that front that could net you a few extra dollars.

Another tip on selecting numbers is to choose consecutive numbers. It is definitely a little difficult to select random numbers but picking a string of numbers (4-6 for example) could increase your odds a bit. Make sure to do that a bit as well, as that will give you a better chance of winning than just selecting random numbers out of a hat.


Keno is a fun way to play a lottery game without having to be disappointed because you did not win $100 million. It gives you that same excitement and makes sure that you are wagering at a safe level while feeling like there is a lot to win. Go sign up if you have not already and get into the next available Keno game and win big! Remember, if you want to know more about Slots Paradise, check our social media and join our community.