How to Play Texas Holdem

How to Play Texas Holdem

Casino School: How to Play Texas Holdem

When you think of poker, Texas Holdem is typically what players think of as it is the most popular game. Today we will discuss how to play How to Play Texas Holdem, what hands to look for, and some strategies, tips and tricks to be an even better player and win some extra money. 

What are the Blinds?

To begin a hand of Texas Holdem, there is some wagering that happens. The player immediately clockwise from the dealer at the table puts in a small blind and the next player places the big blind. The amount that the blinds are going to be determined on the limits of the game so understand the limits of the table before going in to be prepared. 

The button is another word for the dealer and that will be the player that is one spot behind the player doing the small blind that hand. The advantage of the button is they have the ability to be the last player in the post-flop. 

How Does the Game Actually Work?

After the blinds are set, we are off to the races and the dealer hands each player two cards faced down (which is also referred to as your “hole cards”. Next, we go around the table during the pre-flop section and each player has a chance to either check, bet, or fold. If you check, that means you are passing the option to bet to the next player. You can bet however much you want as well or fold and withdraw from this game without being able to recoup whatever you wagered.

Now we are at the flop, which is where the dealer puts the next three cards in the deck face up and another round of betting ensues. After all of that happens, we hit “the turn” which is when there are four cards face up. Another round of wagering happens and then the dealer adds the fifth card and that changes from the “turn” to “the river” with a final round of betting. The player with the best hand will win whatever chips have been wagered throughout the game with their five-card hand using their hole cards and the river. The blinds and button shift one spot clockwise each and a new game is started. A game can also end if there is only one player still playing due to the remainder of the players folding throughout the course of the game. 

Texas Holdem Rules | What Are the Best Hands to Have?

Okay, now that we are aware of how the game will be played, it is critical to understand which hands you should be looking for. We will list each hand from worst to best since some will build on one another.

  • High Card: You do not have a pair of any cards with the flop so whatever is the highest card from your hole card 
  • One Pair: That means you have two cards with the same value between your hole cards and the river
  • Two Pair: The same thing as the one pair hand but having two sets of pairs throughout the river and your hole cards
  • Three of a Kind: You have three of the same cards of the same rank in three different suits between the river and your hole cards
  • Straight: Having five cards in order of their rank composed of more than one suit
  • Flush: Having five cards of the same suit no matter what value card, if more than one player has a flush then it goes off the value of the highest card in the flush
  • Full House: A three of a kind and one pair combined 
  • Four of a Kind: Having the same card in all four suits
  • Straight Flush: Having five cards in order of their value with the same suit
  • Royal Flush: Having a 10, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit

Texas Holdem Strategy

There are a couple of strategies and tricks that every Texas Holdem player should know when they are in the midst of playing. The most important is to understand the art of bluffing. For those unfamiliar, bluffing is lying about having a better hand than you do in an attempt to intimidate your opponents into folding. It’s a little more difficult in the world of online poker because you cannot read body language but still have the ability with your wagering to do so. A successful bluff can help you win hands without having the greatest hand at the table. 

Another little trick to keep in mind is what are the best hands to have in your hole cards. The best is to have a pair of face cards (ace, king, queen, jack) or a combination of those cards since those cards lead to the best hands. Despite that, it also means you can erase that card that your opponents have in their hand and eliminate their chances of having superior hands. 


Texas Holdem can look a little intimidating but it is a simple game and once you understand the hands and how the actual game works, it is an entertaining and relaxing game for you to enjoy. Sign up to enjoy some of our benefits and get into the action right away to get some extra money in your pocket today! Remember, if you want to know more about Slots Paradise, check our social media and join our community.