How to Play Three Card Poker

How to Play Three Card Poker

Casino School: How to Play Three Card Poker

Intro to Three Card Poker

There are a lot of variations of the traditional poker game, and one of the faster-paced versions is three card poker. It is one of the more entertaining versions you can play in the casino, whether physically there or in an online setting. You can be at a table with a few people but are only playing against the dealer, so playing with friends can be a ton of fun. 

To get into the action, you need to open an account on and deposit money into your account. Next, you will click to redeem your bonus to get an additional amount from your deposit and get into wagering.

How to Play Three Card Poker

To begin, you need to place an ante wager and also have the option to place a pair plus wager (betting that you will have at least a hand of a pair or better). Once your wager is placed, the dealer will hand three cards to each player and themselves faced down. The player can look at their cards here and decide if they are going to play their hand and place a play wager (equal to the ante wager) or fold and avoid playing. 

If the player decides to continue playing, both the player and the dealer will flip their cards over and figure out which side wins. The pair plus wager does not matter what the dealer has and is independent of the actual game. 

Hand Rankings and Payouts

To know if you won, we need to dive into the rankings of each hand. We will talk about how to form each hand from worst to best and how much you would be awarded for each hand if you were to bet $1, so make sure you understand the multiple you use from that as well. 

High Card

If you do not have any of the hands below, your highest card will be considered your hand. If you have this hand, you would win $5 

One Pair

One pair means two of the three cards in your hand have the same value. This would award you your wager ($1 if you wager $1 on the pair plus bet)


A flush is three cards in order in terms of their value regardless of the suit they are a part of. (This would win you $4 on a $1 pair plus wager)


A straight would be three cards in order in terms of value and does not matter what suit the cards are. If you wagered $1, you would win $1 as well (You win $6 on the pair plus line with $1 wagered on it)

Three of a Kind

A three of a kind is when all three cards in your hand are of the same value. A $1 wager would net you $4 ($20 would be awarded on the pair plus bet if you wagered $1)

Straight Flush

A straight flush is your three cards having the same suit and being in sequential order, and the tie-breaker is the highest card in the straight. If you wagered $1, you would win $5 ($35 if you wagered $1 on the pair plus bet).’

Three Card Poker Rules

One major three card poker rule is to understand the value of each hand and what each card can provide. The difference here is the fact your hand is all you can go off with. Understanding you have a queen of hearts means the dealer will not be able to have a royal flush with the heart suit. Little things like that and canceling out the potential that the dealer can beat you. 

Another tip is dealing with the pair plus line. Probability states that you will have at least a pair in one of seven hands, so I would not be afraid to throw a tiny bit each time on the pair plus line. The payouts show that if you were to hit a three of a kind once, it would make up for some losses that occur in the short term. Do NOT do this on every hand, though, as that is a way to lose money quickly.

Three Card Poker Strategy

The Three Card Poker strategy to succeed in three card poker is to understand the statistics. That means you should typically place the “play bet” if the hand you are dealt consists of a queen, six, and a four or better. The odds are in your favor at that point, and due to the game’s simplicity, it is difficult to come up with an elaborate strategy. 

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What are you waiting for at this point? You know how to play three card poker and have some tips to win at a higher option. Sign up for an account if you have not already, and let’s put these tips into action and get some extra money into our wallets from playing some Three Card Poker. Remember, if you want to know more about Slots Paradise, check our social media and join our community.