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9 Blackjack Etiquette You May Have Not Heard About

The classic game of blackjack online is one every casino player should play because blackjack rules card games like no other. It is an exciting game that requires a lot of skill and strategy. To learn how to play blackjack, many players had to learn the basics of playing blackjack, learning strategies on when to stand, hit, double down, and split. And many players believe that once they understand how to play and win at playing blackjack, that’s all there is to it.

The truth is that there are several spoken and unspoken blackjack etiquettes every player needs to learn while playing at a blackjack table. If you have started playing blackjack, you’ll have noticed some strange rules you didn’t find in the blackjack guide you used in learning how to play blackjack. Some of these are the hand signals used, the prohibition on holding cards with both hands, etc.

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Blackjack Etiquette You May Have Not Heard About

When you go against some of these blackjack etiquettes as a player, you can be kicked away from the table or the casino. Therefore, you must learn these blackjack tips to increase your chances of winning at the table. Follow this guide to learn more about blackjack etiquette in blackjack.

Blackjack Etiquette That You Need to Follow

  1. Don’t touch your chips when dealing 

A standard blackjack etiquette when playing blackjack is to avoid touching the betting chips once the dealer has started dealing cards to every player and himself. Can you collect your chips or increase the bet size until the hand has been played and you either win or tie? Until you lose your bet in that round, the dealer can collect your chips.

The reason for restricting players from touching their chips once card dealing starts is so that they can’t cheat and change their bets. It helps prevent cheating.

  1. Don’t touch any card after being dealt

The only player allowed to touch cards after being dealt is the dealer; therefore, as a player, you need to be in a position to handle the cards facing up. All you can do is indicate the decision you want to take by making the hand signal to the dealer.

  1. Arrange your chips properly

When you arrange and stack your chips properly on the blackjack table, you create more space and tend to save time when placing bets. You need to stack and organize your chips properly to prevent the dealer from rearranging your stack for you when you do it wrongly.

The correct order of stacking chips is placing the higher denomination at the bottom and the lower denomination on top of the stack. So pay attention to this blackjack etiquette and always arrange your stack correctly. With a few trials of practicing, you should be good with stacking chips properly.

  1. Never hand cash directly to the dealer

One of the casino rules that dealers have to adhere to is never to collect cash from players, and you, as a player, should understand that you should never hand out money directly to the dealer. Instead, what you should do is place the cash on the table, and so, that way, the security cameras can oversee it and not have any suspicions.

Once you have placed the cash on the table, the dealer will spread and count them before giving you the equivalent amount in chips. Better still, you can indicate the denomination you want to buy in chips to the dealer.

  1. Understand and use the signals for your decisions

You need to understand signals to communicate if you want to hit, stand, double down, or split. There’s no need to say it out loud to the dealer; you have to communicate the signals with your hand, and the dealer will do as you wish. Follow through on the signs below for each action.

  • If you decide to hit another card, you must use the tip of your finger to tap or scratch the table. You can hit your finger on the table or wave to yourself if your cards are facing up.
  • If you decide to stand, you have to wave your hands over the cards dealt to you to indicate you don’t want another card.
  • To indicate a double down, you must place the additional bet close to your initial bet, then raise one finger.
  • If you decide to split, you must place an additional bet of the same value as the initial bet, then raise your index and middle fingers.

Even as a beginner in blackjack, if you ask the dealer, they will be happy to teach you the hand signals. And with constant practice, you’ll get used to this blackjack etiquette in no time.

  1. Tip your dealer

Although this is not a compulsory blackjack tip, it’s always good to tip your dealer during or after a blackjack round. You can place some of your chips on the table and indicate that it is a tip so it is understood clearly. And always remember you can’t hand out cash to the dealer, so you should always use chips.

  1. Don’t give unsolicited advice

Unless asked by another player, you shouldn’t advise another player on how to play their hand. So always 

follow this blackjack etiquette and stay away from advising players unnecessarily.

  1. Don’t be scared to ask the dealer questions

If you are unsure about a decision or move and think that the dealer will shun you if you ask questions, that’s absolutely wrong. You can always ask the dealer questions because one of the dealer’s responsibilities is to help you with questions you need clarification.

He gets professional by helping you win and not ripping you off your money.


Every game has spoken and unspoken etiquettes that guide it, and irrespective of whether it is online poker, online blackjack, or any other casino game, you should take your mind to learn these etiquettes. Learning etiquette for playing casino games makes you a better player while playing, and other players will be encouraged to play with you, also.

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FAQs – Blackjack Etiquette

What is blackjack etiquette?

Blackjack etiquette is a set of spoken and unspoken rules players are expected to follow while playing a game of blackjack.

Can players get in trouble when they touch chips during a game?

Players can be warned and told to exit the blackjack table if done to the extreme.