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Blackjack Online Tips The Dealer Doesn’t Want You To Know

Five Blackjack Online Tips to Use in Your Favor - Slots Paradise

Players who are ignorant about blackjack online strategies or blackjack online tips are a sure delight for casinos because casinos prefer that they stay clueless about these things. Most casinos present these as relatively simple games with a low house edge and trick the player into believing he can just play without an optimal strategy and win. The assumption most players make while trying out the basic approach is what makes them lose a lot of their money to casinos.

Follow this guide as we go through the blackjack tips casinos don’t want you to know. Instead, you should learn blackjack online tips that the casino knows but will not tell you to gain an advantage when playing blackjack. 

Learning how to win at slots, how to win electronic blackjack, or the follwing blackjack online tips will give you an edge over the dealer and other players.

Five Blackjack Online Tips to Use in Your Favor

Know When to Play and When Not to Play

In the strategy chart for blackjack, players can take action depending on the card the dealer shows, and even seasoned players know this. So, most of your moves rely primarily on the cards the dealer is showing.

Depending on the cards shown by the dealer, you should memorize some moves, such as hitting, standing, doubling down, and splittin, as strategic actions you can make depending on the dealer’s hand.

An example of when to play and when not to, is to hit on a soft 17 and stand on a hard 17. The reason for this is due to the fact that a soft 17 consists of an Ace card whose value is either 11 or 1, and 6 makes a total of 17. The ace card is expendable; even if you hit, you won’t have to worry much about busting. A hard 17 is a hand whose total value equals 17 without an Ace card; therefore, the probability of busting is high if you hit on a hard 17.

Tips Are Not Compulsory

Beginners and seasoned players know that tipping dealers is basic casino etiquette, but when playing online this is unnecessary. The tips you and other players give dealers help augment the income they earn at casinos, and in most cases, it goes a long way in helping them. But the actual truth is that the casino wouldn’t hold you if you decided not to tip the dealer. 

You might have guilt trips, thinking that the boss or dealers themselves might regard you as insensitive, but the fact remains that no one is going to blame you. Take, for example, if you had a significant loss; it will be understandable if you decide not to tip a dealer after a round.

Card Counting

Most casino players must have been stereotyped as believing that counting cards is illegal when playing at a casino. In blackjack terms, card counting is regarded as a strategy to know who has an edge between the dealer and the player. And, while it isn’t unlawful, most dealers and casinos won’t want you to know this.

In some cases, once the casinos find you counting cards and winning simultaneously, they can ask you to leave the casino at that instant. In extreme cases, they can suspend or ban the player from playing at their casino. Although it is not a bad practice to count cards, in cases like online casinos where the blackjack game is fast-paced, it will be best to learn optimal strategies to defeat the dealer.

A 3/2 Blackjack is Better Than a 6/5

Dealers and casinos take advantage of players who are ignorant that the 3/2 blackjack game is better than the 6/5 blackjack game. Players who do not have an excellent knowledge of mathematics can be easily deceived because they can be made to believe that 6 is greater than 3.

Let’s analyze this carefully to understand why players without mathematical knowledge can be easily deceived. Using a $150 bet, let’s look at the numbers on the 6/5 payout ratio. When $150 is divided by 5, the result is multiplied by 6 to give $180. Therefore, you gain $30 in profit on a wager of $150.

Let’s do the same for the 3/2 payout ratio.

When $150 is divided by 2, the result is multiplied by 3 to give $225. Therefore, on a 3/2 payout, you gain a profit of $75. It is clear that the 3/2 blackjack game pays better than the 6/5 game.

This is one of the apparent blackjack online tips that casino dealers will not want you to know because it benefits you in the end.

Online Casinos are Better

No dealer or physical casino will ask you to play at an online casino because you have better opportunities at playing. Online casinos provide many opportunities you won’t find at physical casinos, such as bonuses, lower minimum bets, extra game offers, etc., which is a massive threat to physical casinos. Online casinos provide great versatility and flexibility for players in areas such as low minimums and bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Most casinos won’t always tell you secrets that will be advantageous to you, even if you learn how to play slots or whatever game you decide to play. Instead, you should figure out the best way to play and learn the blackjack online tips that dealers will not always tell you. 

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FAQs – Blackjack Online Tips

Does the basic strategy work in online blackjack?

Yes, it is always advisable to use a blackjack strategy when playing at online casinos. They can help reduce the house’s edge against you.

Is blackjack a skill game or a luck game?

Blackjack is more a game of skill than luck because you need an optimal strategy to hit, stand, double down, or split to beat the dealer’s hand.