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How to Play Multi Hand Blackjack

Tips on How To Play Multi Hand Blackjack 

Multi Hand Blackjack is one of the most played varieties of the standard Blackjack table game and is available in many casinos, including online casinos, all over the world.  If you know how to play Multi Hand Blackjack, you know each round allows you to play more than one hand and sit in more than one seat.

If you’ve been playing online casino table games for a while, you’ve probably encountered situations when players take a long time to decide how to play their cards before you, right? That could be annoying.

By understanding how to play Multi Hand Blackjack, you may change the game’s dynamic by increasing its pace. However, as exciting as it may be for you to learn how to play it, it can also be fatal if you don’t know how to play it correctly because you can lose money quickly.

Tips on How To Play Multi Hand Blackjack 

In the blackjack version known as “multi hand blackjack,” players can engage in up to five independent hands at once. At the beginning of the round, you get to place a different wager on each hand. Of course, you can always mix the bets if you don’t exceed the table limitations if you want to.

Depending on the cards dealt to each player, the wins and losses are decided after the dealer plays his hand, you play your hand, and other players play their hands as well.

Rules for Multi Hand Blackjack 

Rules on how to play Multi Hand Blackjack are the same as those for playing Blackjack at a traditional table, with only a few variations, such as: 

  • Each hand at an online casino begins with a fresh deck of cards, and card counting is impossible because a computer system shuffles the cards.
  • Compared to live blackjack tables, stakes are always lower at online multi hand blackjack games so that other players can also have an opportunity to play all of the hands that are offered. The low stakes make this possible.

Since players aim to defeat the dealer’s hand by playing a hand that is close to the number 21 without exceeding it, you can make use of the following tips:

  • In Multi Hand Blackjack, cards such as 2 to 9 have the same value as 2 to 9 accordingly; tens and face cards have a value of ten; the value of aces can be either 1 or 11, depending on the player.
  • When playing multi hand blackjack at online casinos, the player must first specify the number of hands they wish to play. Additionally, a player is only permitted to play a total of five hands at a time.
  • All hands must have bets placed on them, but they don’t all have to be the same amount. Players can always raise or lower their bets when they have strong or weak hands.

Multi Hand Blackjack: Strategy

Use different hand-specific techniques

‘Five hands’ is the most that a player may play in a multi-hand blackjack game. You can always use different strategies for each hand to ensure you win, such as:

  • Card Ace: As was said before, you can always choose to utilize your ace card’s value as either 1 or 11. Therefore, always set your Ace card’s value to 1 unless doing so would result in a total value of 21. In that case, set the Ace card’s value to 11.
  • Always hold the first card when the total card value is a hard 16.
  • As soon as the total of the cards reaches 20, make sure to hold.
  • When the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you can use half of your wager as insurance. The ace is one of the best cards to have when playing blackjack, so keep that in mind.
  • Two-faced cards should always split in any hand.

Make the most of your advantage

Regardless of their cards, Blackjack dealers must fold once their hand totals 17, even if it’s an ace card.

As long as you avoid busting, you can use this to take advantage of the chance to draw further cards. Additionally, this reduces the dealer’s opportunity to obtain a card with a higher value.


When you are learning how to play multi hand blackjack, it is exciting to discover that you can place different bets on several hands. However, you may not know that the volatility increases as you bet on more hands, which is bad news for players with little bankrolls.

In light of this, placing various low bets on each hand you play is advised. As an example, you could wager $5, $3, and $2 on three hands rather than $5 each.

When the dealer strikes blackjack, you have an equal chance of winning when betting on multiple hands as you have when losing on multiple hands.

The Advantages of Playing Multiple Blackjack Hands

A Higher Payout

Players can win large payouts when playing multi hand blackjack since they can wager more money on each hand, which is a major benefit. Players can also double down, which increases their likelihood of a successful outcome or payout.

Pressure Reduction 

At online casinos that provide multi-hand blackjack, players have the freedom to choose the best course of action for each hand without being influenced by the dealer or other players. However, it won’t require you to take too long to make your judgments.

Unrestricted Access 

Online casinos allow devoted players to learn how to play multi hand blackjack, giving them the freedom to practice and hone their game skills anywhere on the globe at any time. You gain more experience and provide new opportunities for them to play for real casino money when you have access to practice and hone your talents.

Disadvantages to Playing Multi Hand Blackjack

You lose your bets as well as your winnings.

As exciting as it is for players to place different bets on each hand they choose to play, it can also be perilous since it’s also quite easy for you to lose money very quickly. Therefore, it is always a good idea to discover trustworthy techniques for playing multi hand blackjack and utilize them the next time you play at an online casino if you don’t want to lose a lot of money.

Card Counting 

It is vital to remember that, while it may be possible to count cards at land-based casinos, it is virtually impossible to do so at online casinos that offer multi hand blackjack. This is so that the cards in the shoe deck are consistently shuffled after each hand that has been played. This is bad news for players who are particularly adept at counting cards.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to play multi hand blackjack before staking a sum of money is crucial for a good gaming experience. Use the tips above while enjoying our awesome collection of blackjack games here at Slots Paradise casino.

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FAQs: How to Play Multi Hand Blackjack

What is the house edge in Multi-Hand Blackjack?

The house Edge in several variants of Blackjack differs, but depending on how you play, the house edge can increase significantly.

Which is better to play, single-hand Blackjack or multi-hand Blackjack?

A single-deck blackjack game will have a lower house edge than a multiple-deck game, all other regulations being equal.

Though you don’t need to worry much about it, all you need to do is find which one is favorable for you.