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How To Win Electronic Blackjack

How to Win Electronic Blackjack Without Losing to the House

Blackjack is a popular game played worldwide, and virtually all physical and online casinos you step into will offer the game of blackjack. Many variations of blackjack have evolved, such as European blackjack and even the double deck blackjack rules, and many more. The evolution of blackjack and its variants brought on “Electronic Blackjack,” known as video blackjack by some people. Suppose you have been a long-time blackjack player; you might want to learn how to win electronic blackjack. Well, take note, because there are a few differences from classic blackjack.

In this blackjack guide, you’ll be made to understand the gameplay between yourself and the electronic dealer. But most importantly, you’ll understand how to win electronic blackjack.

How to Win Electronic Blackjack Without Losing to the House: 

It is imperative that to understand how to win electronic blackjack you learn the basic rules: 

  • Pays out even money on blackjack
  • Double down is allowed only on 9, 10, and 11
  • Double down after splits is not allowed
  • Players can only split pairs once
  • The dealer must hit a soft 17
  • A single deck of cards is used
  • Counting of cards is not allowed
  • After each hand, the deck is always shuffled

How To Play Electronic Blackjack

Just as in classic blackjack, the aim of playing electronic blackjack is to get your hand total close to 21 without going over. And to know how to win electronic blackjack, you need to understand how to play it. 

Let’s get started on how to play electronic blackjack.

  1. Place A Bet: Before the round starts, players must place a bet on the hand to be played. To place a bet, you need to select a denomination and the number of coins to place per hand. Every player can be between 1 to 5 coins.
  1. Deal: After placing a bet, the next step is to click the ‘Deal’ button. When you deal, the hand starts immediately. Two initial cards are given to both the dealer and the player. Once the initial cards have been dealt, you can deal as many additional cards as you want.
  1. Hit/Stand/Split/Double Down: Deciding to either hit or stand depends on the cards in your hand. For example, the best hand you can be dealt is a combined hand of a 10 card and an Ace card. An ace card has a double value of either 11 or 1, depending on which the player chooses.

To hit means the player will pick another card, thereby increasing the total card value. To stand means the player will pick another card, thereby increasing the total card value. To split is to split two identical cards into two different hands.

Every card has its value, and you use the value to calculate the total point value of the hand. For example, every card with a number is worth the number written on it, face cards are worth 10, and an ace is worth either 1 or 11.  

The strategies below on each action to hit, stand, split, or double will help you how to win electronic blackjack:

  • Always stand when your hand total is 12 or more, and if the dealer shows any 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.
  • If the total of your hand is a hard 17 or higher, always stand. A hard hand indicates that an ace card is not used,
  • When your hand total is between 12 and 16, and the dealer shows a card of 7 or higher, always hit.
  • When you have cards of an ace, and between 2 to 6, always hit.
  • Whenever you are dealt two aces or 8s, always split. 
  • Double down if your initial two cards equal 11, and the dealer shows a non-face and non-ace card. To double down, you must increase the initial bet by an amount equal to your initial bet. Once you double the bet, you receive an additional card.
  • If your two cards sum up to 10, and the dealer shows a card of 9 or less, always double down.

These few strategies will make you understand how to win electronic blackjack. In addition, the strategies would help beat the dealer’s hand, as that is the player’s goal.

Once the final cards of the dealer are revealed, the hand’s value is determined. He wins if the player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s. If the dealer busts, the player also wins.

Tips to Win Electronic Blackjack

You should know that electronic blackjack only pays out evenly, i.e., 2 to 1. And the payouts are not that impressive, but you can learn how to win electronic blackjack with these tips. 

If you find yourself losing a lot, take note of these tips too.

  1. A major tip for how to win electronic blackjack is to have a basic strategy. Electronic blackjack doesn’t give that pressured feeling when playing, so you can always take your time to learn a basic strategy for playing. For example, from the blackjack double exposure strategy down to the electronic blackjack strategy, all you need is a strategy to make your hand beat the dealers.

You can always reduce the house advantage to 1% with an optimal strategy.

  1. Learning the rules is also important in how to win electronic blackjack. For example, you have to learn the double-deck blackjack rules if you want to play double blackjack, and the same goes for electronic blackjack. Aside from the general rules for playing, there are also rules for a physical or online casino.

Some electronic blackjack stays on all 17; some allow you to double after the split, and many more. So it would be to your advantage if you read the rules and see which can help reduce the house advantage in your favor.

Compared to the blackjack at most physical or online casinos, they are better playing conditions.

  1. One of the rules of playing electronic blackjack is that only one deck of cards is used. And the deck is shuffled after every round. So, as a seasoned player, if you stumble on an electronic blackjack machine with multiple decks that shuffles once 50% of the cards have been used, you can count the cards.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to keep losing at electronic blackjack, hence we took the time to show you how to win electronic blackjack. To play Electronic blackjack, visit Slots Paradise Casino.

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Is blackjack based on skill or luck?

Blackjack is majorly a game of skill. Though some players win by luck, with a good and optimal strategy, you can win a blackjack game.

What is the house edge in Electronic Blackjack?

With a very optimal strategy, you can reduce the house edge of electronics blackjack to as low as 1%.

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