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Keno vs Bingo: Differences and Similarities

Keno vs Bingo: Differences and Similarities - Slots Paradise

Keno and bingo are among the most popular online casino games, and many players have encountered bonus bingo offers while exploring these games. You may have come across one game while playing the other or noticed Keno and Bingo in various online casino game sections. Both games have basic rules, and luck plays a significant role when playing them. As a result, they are suitable for inexperienced players because they do not require specific abilities or strategies. In this casino guide, we will compare and contrast Keno vs Bingo. Let’s dive in.

When compared side by side, Keno and Bingo have common features. For example, they use a draw to select randomized numbers. As a result, the winning chances for both games are nearly identical. These are, however, two different games; one is not a variation of the other. There are no complicated rules to learn in any of these games, and they are designed for beginners.

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Differences between Bingo and Keno

1. Bingo and Keno Meaning

Bingo online is a probability game in which participants check off numbers on cards as a caller randomly picks them. The first player to mark off all of their numbers wins!

Keno is a game styled after lottery games, and it is popular in today’s online casinos. You pick your numbers in Keno instead of waiting for someone to call them out for you.

2. History

Keno is a 3000-year-old game that can be played online. Keno is a Chinese game with roots in the Han Dynasty.

Bingo’s origins are thought to have been in Italy. It was known as ‘Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia’ in 1530, and it was also popular among the French nobility. Beans were used to denote the numbers; therefore, it was originally called “Beano.”

In a more simple way, we can say Keno originated in ancient China and was even used to collect funds for battles. At the same time, bingo is supposed to have originated in Italy, where it was the equivalent of the national lottery in the 16th century.

3. Number-Drawing Technique

Players in Keno can choose up to 20 numbers on their tickets from the 80 displayed on the board. In addition, the game will draw 20 numbered balls at random once the player has chosen their numbers.

Bingo players must choose a ticket or card with a set of numbers on it. They have the option to exchange their bingo ticket, but they cannot modify specific numbers.

Bingo players do not choose their own card numbers, but keno players do.

4. Matching Your Ticket to the Drawn Numbers

Random number generators are used in online casino bingo and keno games. Players must then match the numbers on their cards in order to win.

Every game of Keno features 20 numbers that are called out. Players win based on how many numbers they match. Getting 15 numbers called out is usually enough to win the prize. Smaller payouts are possible for matching fewer numbers. However, this varies greatly depending on the online casino you play at.

Bingo games are quite different. To win, you must cross out all of your numbers on the ticket, sometimes known as a “full house.”

5. Betting Options

Bingo is a game where you buy cards with numbers on them. They’re only good for one session and can’t be changed. However, some online platforms do allow ticket change, but not by individual numbers. Except for the price of the cards, there are no bets in Bingo. Bingo players may only adjust how many cards they opt to play in each game because they are all fixed at the same price, and the bets cannot vary.

In Keno, Players can pick how much to bet on each game and how many games on which each set of numbers can be utilized. In addition, players can place straight bets or way bets in Keno.

Straight bets allow participants to gamble the amount of money they want on certain numbers. Before each round, the numbers must be chosen. Then, the casino sets the lower and upper limitations for the amount that can be gambled.

Way Bets allow participants to wager on a set of numbers from a pool of 20 possible outcomes. This implies they have a chance to win even if the draw includes numbers from their set.

Check with your online casino to see what kind of bets they provide for a complete list of options.

6. Odds of Winning

In Keno, the chances of landing 20/20 numbers are quite slim. As a result, a player should have 15-17 of the 20 numbers to win the largest payout. The house edge ranges from 5 to >15 percent in online casinos.

In Bingo, Two things are critical determinants of winning chances. And they are the number of bingo tickets in play and the number of balls pulled are two of them. Each number has an equal probability of getting drawn statistically, and so each ticket has an equal chance of winning.

7. Payout Sizes

Keno’s jackpots are typically substantially larger than those provided by bingo. This is because Bingo generally has a lower entry barrier and a proportionate payoff. The payoff can be rather big in games when the initial card buys is high, or the number of participants is huge, but the odds of winning big are somewhat limited.

8. Social Considerations

Both games have very similar social components to them. Players may socialize while playing bingo and keno online in chat rooms, especially In a non-competitive atmosphere.

Keno is faster than Bingo in terms of dynamics since players do not have to wait for others to shout out their numbers or tick off their numbers. 

Overall, in comparison to bingo, Keno is a less sociable game.

Similarities Between Keno & Bingo Online Casino Game

Bingo and Keno, often referred to collectively as “bingo keno,” have a lot in common: they both entail matching the player’s numbers with those selected at random, and both are straightforward games. Both bingo and keno can be played online, offering a wide variety of game choices. Online casinos present a selection of these games from different software providers, available for both fun and real money gameplay.


Keno and bingo are excellent choices for anybody searching for a fun, easy, and enjoyable online casino game. Both have more advantages, including short and straightforward learning formats. The rules and techniques for winning in both casino games are simple. Which is the best bet to play is a personal choice.

Both are worth trying out, especially the newly improved online versions of these games.

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Keno vs Bingo FAQs

How do Keno and Bingo work online?

Online versions of these games use a random number generator instead of physical matching of cards.

How Does Keno and Bingo House Compare with Other Casino Games?

The house edge in both games is quite high compared to other casino games. House edge in Keno can be as high as 20% or more, and that of Bingo can be >10%

What are the main differences between Keno and Bingo?

Keno allows players to choose their numbers (typically up to 10 or 20 from a pool of 80), while in Bingo, players receive a card with pre-selected numbers. In Keno, the house draws 20 numbers, and players win based on matches to their chosen numbers. In Bingo, numbers are drawn until a player achieves a specified pattern on their card.