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Live Dealer Casino Guide

Live Dealer Casino Guide

Live Dealer Casino Guide: How to Play

Live dealer casinos are an excellent option for players that want to have an authentic online casino experience from the comfort of their homes. They are very similar to actual casinos found in Las Vegas or anywhere else. That’s why understanding a live dealer casino guide is so important. Continue reading and find out all about this type of games

Players just need to log in, find a seat, place a bet at the table and socialize with the dealer and other players. The games are interactive and put players right in the middle of the action. 

Live dealer sites online sometimes feature shared tables, which means other players at the table could be playing on a different site than the one you’re playing. Depending on the provider being used, players could be offered to play on both shared tables and the tables exclusive to that provider. 

How Do They Work?

Live online casino games are conducted with actual human dealers that run each game by accepting bets, paying out winning hands, and interacting with the players. The only digital aspect is the betting platform, which is similar to other types of casino games. 

Players wager by clicking a button or dragging virtual chips into an area to place bets. The money is instantly added to the player’s account balance on winning hands. 

There are many versions of popular casino table games in online live casinos, such as roulette, blackjack online, craps, baccarat, game show-type games, and more. These live games offer a new way for players to bet online, with some significant differences from classic online games.  

In any live casino setting, the provider is streaming the live games from a remote studio with a casino environment, which is received by the player in real-time online. Of course, some casinos have better features than others, but many sites with features like multiple tables, multiple camera angles, and audio chats can be found. 

Live Dealer Strategy Guide: Basics

Just as in an actual casino, the dealers run live dealer games in real time. Unlike a classic online casino setting, there is a time limit on placing bets in live games, so always first check our live dealer casino guide and be ready just like you would be in an actual casino. 

Players that don’t get their bets down in time will have to wait until the next round to play. The pace of live dealer games is fast, so players always need to pay attention and keep up with the game.  

The stakes with live dealer games are generally higher than with classic online casino games. The main reason is that player numbers are lower in live casinos, and the higher stakes help cover the increased costs of operating a live casino. 

This means players can’t play for free or for smaller stakes as they can with classic online games. So, when playing in a live casino, make sure you have the bankroll to back yourself up. 

Playing live casino games can be much more exciting than classic online games because of the opportunity to be social with dealers and other players. All live dealer games feature a live chatbox that can be used to interact with the other people at the table, and players are encouraged to use it. 

Live Dealer Guide: Popular Games Offered

Live casinos online are known for having an extensive selection of games and offer them based on how popular the games are. For example, roulette is a game where the casino can take multiple bets while only needing to spin the wheel one time. 

Here are some of the most popular live dealer games. While there may be other games that can be found online, these are the games in which most online live casino players like to participate.


This is the most popular live casino game played online. The game plays the same as in a brick-and-mortar setting, but it can be somewhat slower as the dealer sometimes has to wait for the players to make their moves. Also, because players use the internet, it can sometimes take longer than in a physical casino.


This is one casino game that plays very well as a live dealer game. After the dealer deals out the two hands for the banker and player and performs all actions based on the rules, winning wagers are paid out, and players then place bets for the next round. Because the players in baccarat place all bets before the cards are dealt, the gameplay is much faster than blackjack.


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games globally and can be found in any live online casino. The game is usually available in live casinos in both American and European versions. European roulette offers a lower house edge than the American version because of the single zero on the wheel. However, it is the recommended version to play due to the better odds. 

Three Card Poker

Three card poker is very popular in physical casinos and is available at some live casinos online. The game is played against the dealer with payouts based on the strength of the player’s winning hand. 

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is different from the more popular Texas Holdem played in tournaments worldwide and has a few different variations in live casinos online. In casino Hold’em, a single-player goes against the dealer and is given two hole cards. 

The dealer then makes the flop of three cards, with the player having the option of folding or making an additional bet before the next round when the last two cards, the turn, and the river, are revealed. Once a winner is determined, payouts to the player are awarded based on the strength of the winning hand. 


Live dealer casinos online could be the solution for players who enjoy playing in a real casino and can’t find the time or live too far away from an actual casino. Players will find many different games online and should try them out if they have a chance. After experiencing the fun of online live casinos, many players now prefer it over traveling to their nearest brick-and-mortar location. Remember, if you want to know more about Slots Paradise, check our social media and join our community.