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Avoidable Mistakes for Newbies

Casino Tips for Beginners: Avoidable Mistakes Newbies at Online Casino

Casino Tips for Beginners: Avoidable Mistakes for Newbies

Playing online casino games may seem like a pretty straight-forward task. You pick a reliable site, register, fund your account, and start playing away, right? Well, that may be true technically. But in reality, playing online casino games is more complex than that. I mean, isn’t the whole idea of going on online casino platforms to win cash prizes? You are certainly playing for keeps, in the grand scheme of things, and that takes a lot of discipline. That’s why you need to improve your knowledge with our casino tips for beginners.

Subsequently, having a winning streak at games is not all luck as some may assume. You need to observe a few laid-down rules as defined and strictly adhered to by very successful gamblers in the business.  With this, you might want to be extra careful if you are new to the online casino world. So let us get you started on a few casino tips for beginners. 

That said; here are six avoidable mistakes newbies make while playing at an online casino. Learn them so that you too can avoid making them on your first time out. Continue reading…

  1. Choosing Bad Games

One of the most common online casino mistakes many newcomers make when they first start out is picking the wrong games. They end up spending time and money on games that aren’t really worth it. For example, craps and baccarat are known to have some of the most attractive odds in the online casino space. Yet, they have a large collection of what you might call “unfavorable games.” Some of these games are well known and completely avoided by true pros in the craft. 

As a newbie, you may dive in without taking time out to access these kinds of games and this is where you could blow it. Do not get moved by the beauty of a theme or any other lofty incentives. You may end up taking on a game with a very low payout. Or worse still, get stuck on a game with a high losing streak.

Here’s a rule of thumb. Before you consider trying out any category of games you are not very familiar with, always consult first with experienced players. These guys will guide you on the right path to making better decisions.

  1. Playing While Intoxicated or Drunk

This is another online casino mistake many newbies make. The excitement and thrill of playing online casino games for the first time may drive some to drink before or while gambling. Being a little tipsy or intoxicated may be ecstatic on its own. But let’s not forget that excess alcohol hampers the brain’s ability to process information clearly. When this happens, it can have a negative impact on your choices without you even realizing it. 

You must understand that online gambling is first and foremost rigged in favor of the house. This means that you have to be at your absolute best to beat the fast hand of the virtual dealer. Consequently, alcohol makes you very vulnerable and you may end up losing a lot of money this way. The idea is to stay completely away from alcohol before and during playtime to remain sharp between the ears.

  1. Greed

Here’s actually an online casino for beginners mistake No 1. Greed is a highly destabilizing factor when it comes to gambling at online casinos and newbies are pretty fond of this. Now, there are two types of greedy newbies. You have the types who would want to scout for the games with the big cash outs but ultimately come with big risks. They rush in staking big just to claim as many big wins as possible. Sadly, this is a recipe for failure. More often than not, it doesn’t happen that way but you would have already lost a lot of money attempting to take the “quick” route.

The second types of greedy newbie gamblers are those that like to push their winning streaks for much longer. So you’ve been winning consecutively for a few rounds then want to try your luck again for the umpteenth time. You can lose a lot of money doing that. The trick is to stick to just one game as a beginner so you can keep your winnings in check.

  1. Superstition

Superstition is a big farce with a lot of new players. There are gamblers who still hold strong superstitious beliefs when playing at online casinos. They think that if they perform certain rituals or make certain moves, the tables would turn in their favor. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Superstition is simply what it is—superstition!

There are cases where new players try to switch between slot machines thinking that would tip the scales and boost their winning streaks. Ironically, math cannot be beaten, so no amount of moving about will change that. Just stick to the rules of the game and maximize as many skills you have when playing and leave it at that. 

  1. Utilizing Bonuses without Taking Time To Read Terms

Bonuses, of course, can be very attractive and enticing. Newbies may get carried away from the bumper offers made on welcome bonuses. And they sometimes fail to read through all the terms and conditions before using them. The fact of the matter is, not all of these bonuses are fair in the long run. Some welcome bonuses require that you use them at a particular frequency before you can claim any winnings. There are those that require that you completely exhaust them before you can do anything else. 

The bottom line is; that some of them are fair, while some come with stronger terms. That is why you must endeavor to read through the terms for each one before you opt in.

  1. Registering With Fake or Incomplete Details

You may be tempted to use fake details to protect your identity when registering for a new account on a gambling platform. Some players do this because of the stigma that may be attached to gambling. However, doing this is not advisable and may lead to problems in the future. The thing is, most established online casinos will check to ensure that the details you have given them are in fact real before paying out any winnings. They do this to guard against fraud and various money laundering schemes. 

It will be in your best interest to provide your real details (names, address, etc) to avoid payment issues in the future.


So there you have it guys. We have just listed six avoidable mistakes newbies make while playing at an online casino. As a newbie, you will be tempted to or innocently make any of the above listed mistakes. Having been privy to them now, you are now clear as to what needs to be careful of or avoided completely. Lastly, it is always important to play safe.

Gambling is not a get rich now scheme. Just have fun, count your losses, and move on when it’s not your lucky day. Stay tuned here and on our social media for further updates on online casinos.

Casino Tips for Beginners FAQs

How Do I Know What Online Casino Games To Play As a Beginner?

Many games are generally great for first time gamblers. However, some of them are all-time favorites among new players. Here are some of the really great ones you could check out below:
– Slot
– Roulette
– Blackjack
– Video Poker
– Baccarat

How Do I Ensure Responsible Gambling?

Most modern online casinos put in place effective measures to maintain safe gambling among new and existing players. These platforms put in place several checks to allow players to choose how they make use of their services responsibly. Players can set playing or spending limits and can even request a temporary disabling of their accounts. Most online casinos also have links to professional support groups such as Gambling Therapy and Gamblers Anonymous.

Should I Always Use My Welcome Bonuses as a Beginner?

It is not compulsory to use your welcome bonuses as a first time player. Welcome bonuses simply act as incentives to give new players a good time on a gambling site. However, it is good to use them since they come at no cost. You can try out different games without incurring any risk as you would have if you made any real money wagers. But always make sure you read through the terms of each welcome bonus before using them as some come with unfavorable conditions.