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Do You Know How To Play Minesweeper?

Rules for Learning How to Play Minesweeper - Slots Paradise

Every Windows user is likely familiar with the minesweeper game, a staple on the platform for years. However, not all Windows users truly grasp the rules for minesweeper game, which is where this casino guide comes into play, aiming to help you triumph in your first minesweeper round.

Minesweeper is a computer game consisting of square grids with mines hidden all over them. Players use the numbers in safe squares to know the number of mines touching the squares. Players can open all safe squares with these numbers, thereby solving the game. Immediately after you click on a mine, you lose the game. Just like when venturing into the world of the Fortune Casino Game, your primary objective in Minesweeper is to strategize and uncover the path to victory without any missteps.

Rules for Learning How to Play Minesweeper

Why do you think many people don’t seem to understand how to play minesweeper? Understanding how to play minesweeper is heavily reliant on the game’s rules. So, below are the rules attached to learning how to play minesweeper:

  • The neighboring squares around a grid square are the squares left, right, above, below, and all four diagonals.
  • You can automatically cause all neighboring squares to open when you open a square with no adjacent mines. This move causes a large area to open up quickly.
  • Point and double-tap the mouse’s right button to eliminate a marker from a square.
  • The first square you open is always free of mine.
  • When a mine is mismarked, it can result in mistakes that can kill your game. That is why you need to correct an incorrectly marked mine to win. An incorrectly marked mine does not kill.
  • You need only to open all of the non-mine squares to win. It’s okay to mark only some of the mines.
  • The question mark symbol can be beneficial when unsure about a square, and you can always activate it by double-tapping twice.
  • To start a new game, click on the yellow smiley face.

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How To Play Minesweeper

Minesweeper is similar to the casino games of sudoku and solitaire, as they all involve rectangular boxes and require luck. Three player difficulties come with learning how to play minesweeper, which is:

  • Beginner (8 by 8, or 9 by 9 with 10 mines)
  • Intermediate (16 by 16 with 40 mines)
  • Expert (30 by 16 with 99 mines)

Some terms you should familiarize yourself with when learning how to play minesweeper are:

  • Flag: When you confirm a mine in a box, the flag indicates it.
  • Question mark: A question mark indicates that you suspect a mine in a box.
  • Smiley face: This is used to restart the game. 

The steps for how to play minesweeper follow below.

1. Find your first mine

The first step to finding the first mine is randomly clicking on any square. One of the rules of minesweeper is that the first square is always mine-free. You can click anywhere, but it is recommended to start from the middle so you don’t get stuck while playing. 

When you select a box, the numbers indicate the number of mines in adjacent squares. Take, for example, number one. It means there is one mine in the box surrounding that number. If there’s an unopened box immediately next to that square, you should place a flag to indicate that it is a mine. To place a flag, right-click.

2. Clear the other mines

The search for other mines begins once you have found the first one, and you have to do so quickly because minesweeper is a timed game. In the course of playing quickly, remain cautious, as you can make mistakes that will lead to the end of the game.

3. Take a guess

You’ll come across a situation where you’ll need to take a guess. The part where you need to make a guess mostly happens when the game is about to end. If you follow the numbering system, you won’t have to guess about 90% of the games. When the time comes to take a guess, do make use of your basic deduction skills to do so.

4. Make use of strategies

When you learn how to play Mah Jongg, you also learn strategies to play optimally, right? The same can be said for minesweeper. Below are some common strategies you can apply when learning how to play minesweeper:

  • 1-2 Pattern: If you reveal the numbers 1 and 2, which are close to a wall of blocks, the strategy says to click on the box next to number one that is not close to the common field of the other boxes.
  • Mass Production: Flagging as many mines as possible without opening any more boxes is a requirement for mass production. Once the marking of mines has been completed, you can begin opening the boxes.
  • Sprint: Implementing the sprint strategy involves clearing a box, followed by a swift move to mark the next box. Using this alternate pattern, the level will be finished in no time.

Tips for Playing Minesweeper

  • Make use of the F2 button to restart the game.
  • Using the question mark will only waste your time, so don’t use it.
  • When all of the safe blocks have been opened, the game ends. If you only flag all the mines, the game wouldn’t end.
  • If you click on a mine mistakenly, hold down the mouse button and slide the cursor.
  • Start from the middle to give yourself a higher chance of not getting stuck. Starting from the side gets you stuck quickly.
  • The game difficulty can always be changed from the game tab.

Final Thoughts

Whether you learn how to play 90 ball bingo or Minesweeper, you must practice your skills after learning. After learning the rules, practice minesweeper, which is the biggest trick to becoming a pro player. After learning how to play Minesweeper with these minesweeper guides, visit the Slots Paradise Casino lobby to play Minesweeper.

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FAQs – How To Play Minesweeper

What is Minesweeper?

Minesweeper is a classic puzzle game where the objective is to clear a board of hidden “mines” without detonating any. Players click on squares to reveal either a mine (losing the game) or a number indicating how many mines touch that square.

Can I remove a flag from a box?

Yes, you can remove a flag you have previously placed on a box by clicking the right mouse button on the box.

Is Minesweeper a game of luck?

Minesweeper is not a game of luck at all; it requires skill and strategy to play the minesweeper game. With a good strategy, you can win when playing minesweeper.