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Important Terminologies To Know While Playing At An Online Casino

Important Casino Terminology to Know While Playing at Online Casino

Gambling might be daunting when you don’t understand a particular term or language. While playing at an online casino, there is a high probability that you’ll come across a lot of casino terminology. It would be inconvenient if you were in the middle of a game and couldn’t go on because you didn’t understand online casino terminology. As a result, learning basic casino gaming terminologies ahead of time will help you improve your game and better understand how gaming at an online casino works.

This article will be brief but concise as we take you through some fundamental online casino terminologies. 

  1. Active Payline: An active pay-line is a mechanic included in the architecture of slot machines or video slots.

  1. Aggregate: The entire amount a casino is obligated to pay out in a single round is aggregate. Players may have to accept lower wins if the aggregate limit is reached.

  1. Ante: A stake that must be placed before the start of a hand or round in several casino games.

  1. Arbitrage: When there is a difference in odds, a bettor can support both sides and assure a win.

  1. Action: It refers to the entire amount of money that others or you have invested into the game at the table.

  1. Bankroll: A gambler’s bankroll is the amount of money the player has set aside to bet with. For professional gamblers, this is critical.

  1. Bet: A bet is a single monetary stake made in a gambling game. In a single game, several bets are permitted.

  1. Blackjack: This is one of the most notable online casino games. The game also has different types, which include American blackjack etc. 

  1. Break-even point: This means winning back the same money you wagered.

  1. Card Counting: A process of counting and remembering cards in the game of blackjack.

  1. Cashback: When you get a refund after losing a bet is known as cashback. Usually popular as an online casino welcome bonus.

  1. Cash-out: The act of withdrawing your winning from an online casino.

  1. Casino Advantage or House Edge: This is an advantage the house/casino has over players. And it is usually mathematical.

  1. Casino Rewards: Extra prizes or bonuses earned by a player.

  1. Chase: The act of gambling continuously because you want to recover your bet losses.

  1. Craps: A popular online casino game.

  1. Deposit: This refers to the process of adding funds to a player’s online casino account.

  1. Deal: refers to the process of dealing cards in card games.

  1. Dime: This term refers to wagers that may be placed in both online and land-based casinos.

  1. Double or Nothing: The previous wager is doubled to break the tie.

  1. Dealer: In casino games, a dealer is a person in charge of dealing cards.

  1. Deposit: A deposit is when monies are added to a player’s online casino account.

  1. Deck: In an online casino game, a deck refers to a set of playing cards.

  1. Deuce: In an online casino game, the “two” number is referred to as “deuce.”

  1. Face Cards: Face cards refer to certain cards such as the king, queen, and jack.

  1. Free Spins: The word “free spins” refers to the bonus features found in video slots and slot machines.

  1. Slots: This is a well-known online casino game.

  1. Loyalty Program: Casinos provide loyalty programs to reward players with wagering actions.

  1. Live Dealer Games: These are online casino games where players compete against actual dealers via live video broadcasting.

  1. Mobile Slots: These slots are video slot games that may be played on mobile devices.

  1. Multi-Hand Games: Multi-hand games are casino games in which many hands can be played simultaneously.

  1. Minimum Bet: In casino games, minimum bets are the smallest stakes or amount that may be placed.

  1. Maximum bets are the maximum stakes, i.e. amount that may be placed in a casino game.

  1. Net Wins: Net winnings are calculated by subtracting the original stakes from the total payments.

  1. Odds: Odds refers to the probability of winning or the ratio of probabilities.

  1. Pat: It refers to a hand that isn’t busted and has a total value of at least 17 points.

  1. Payline: A pay line is a symbol combination that results in a win.

  1. Paytable: A table called a payout table displays the payments for each wager placed on the table games.

  1. Payoff: This refers to the entire amount of money a player receives after placing bets.

  1. Progressive Jackpot: A progressive jackpot continues to grow over time.

  1. Payout Table: A table called a payout table displays the payments for each wager placed on the table games.

  1. Reload Bonuses: reload bonuses are awarded to current customers who make a fresh deposit at online casinos.

  1. Reels: Reels are horizontal columns that constitute an important feature of slot games.

  1. Random Number Generator (RNG): A random number generator (RNG) is a software method that generates random results.

  1. Roulette is a popular online casino game in which participants put bets on single numbers, odd/even numbers, colours, and other circumstances.

  1. Sign-Up Bonuses: They are given sign-up bonuses when new clients join an online casino.

  1. Stake: A stake is the total amount bet on the outcome of a casino game.

  1. Up Card: Dealers’ face-up cards are known as Up cards.

  1. Wager: Wagers are bets made in both land-based and internet casinos.

  1. VIP: A VIP is a player who has a high worth and receives special care.

  1. Wilds: special symbols seen in video slot games and slot machines.

  1. Withdrawals: The act of removing your winnings or earnings

  1. Wagering Requirements: Wagering requirements refer to the amount of money that must be bet to release a bonus for withdrawal or earn a bonus at an online casino.

  1. Welcome Bonus: New clients are rewarded with special benefits known as welcome bonuses in online casinos.


Casino terms aren’t limited to the above. However, we have compiled the important ones you can encounter while playing in an online casino. Stay tuned for additional guides. Stay tuned here and on our social media for further updates on online casinos.

Casino Terminology FAQs

Are there casino terminologies that must be known?

Yes, there are! Several terminologies are very important to have easy playtime in an online casino.

Are casino terminologies hard?

No, they are not. All you need is to check them out.