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The Technology Behind Live Casinos and How It Works

How Live Casino Works in 2022 - Slots Paradise Online Casino

How Live Casino Works in 2022 at Slots Paradise

Indeed technology has revolutionized human existence. How we see things, how we interact, and how we live. Due to the advancement in internet connections, higher network speeds, and more advanced mobile devices, a vast number of players can now enjoy live casino games. Day by Day, casino providers have remained dedicated to bringing players an immersive casino experience without leaving their comfort zones. 

Live casinos bring about the feeling of playing with real humans often found in traditional casinos to online casinos. So, rather than having a computer deal hands, spin the roulette wheels, etc., in live casinos, you have a real dealer, real wheels, etc. Therefore, game results are not decided by an automatic system. Instead, they are decided by humans.

At a point, you might have asked – How live casino works? This guide will give you the answer to this question in detail. 

Let’s jump right into it.

What Is a Live Casino?

Live casino is about giving players an online experience similar to brick-and-mortar casinos. You can play renowned casino games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, slots, etc., with dealers, real cards, and wheels. 

A significant portion of the gameplay is controlled via a unique interface, which also shows the overall structure of the table, the player’s chips, and certain buttons for making bets or performing other actions during games. Also, a portion of the screen allows players to see the live dealer. 

The fact that a human dealer operates the games in real-time while allowing players to participate via a console on their computer makes live casinos so thrilling. Live chat is one of the features accessible in case they have a query or require assistance.

How Live Casinos Work – The Components

  1. Camera 

An essential piece of equipment for successful live game streaming is a high-quality video camera. Dealers for black, poker, and roulette are shot in a studio made to seem like a real-life casino floor, and players may communicate with them via a live broadcast. 

Lately, more advanced cameras, yet tiny, are being used. Most live casino providers use 4K HD cameras with a high frame rate to provide players with an excellent gaming experience irrespective of screen and resolution. At least three cameras are being used. One covers the overall gambling area, one shows the dealer, and the third focuses on the game. 

The cameras also have integrated Optical Camera Recognition, one of the fascinating parts of live casino games (OCR). The live feed uses optical character recognition (OCR) to digitally recognize all of the characters on the cards being dealt. It keeps track of every move the dealer makes and converts all the cards, numbers, and symbols into data delivered to the player and shown on their screen. 

OCR enables the live casino software to quickly identify which players won or lost and subtract or reward earnings. The data from this technology is usually put into a Game Control Unit (GCU), which digitizes all of the information from a game, bridging the digital and physical divide.

  1. Game Control Unit

The Game Control Unit (GCU) is the live casino’s most crucial component. A GCU is linked to each table. The dealer’s table is usually devoid of chips. Instead, they are displayed on your screen, and all betting transactions are automated. 

The gadget, about the size of a shoebox, is responsible for the automation and encoding of the video that is broadcast. So you can say that, similarly to a computer’s CPU, the GCU is the brain of Live casino games. 

  1. Modern Studio Monitors 

Monitors are an important component of the technology utilized in online live casinos. Modern displays’ high-definition and other features are constantly improving. The dealer keeps a watch on everything that is going on, from the bets and messages coming in through live chat from the players using monitors. Monitors guarantee that everything is in working order.

  1. Software For Streaming

To allow streaming through their gaming websites, casinos employ specialized software tools. Players cannot stream smoothly without the right software tools. Streaming software reduces latency and lag by transmitting player feeds at high rates. The apps also allow you to broadcast without exhausting your PC’s CPU, a typical problem among gamers.

  1. Digital Wheels

Digital wheels are computerized e-machines that send data to the players automatically. Unlike traditional wheels, which need players and dealers to physically observe what is happening in order to authenticate the results, digitized wheels immediately provide you with the data.

Live Casino Gaming Stages

Playing live casino games involves a few stages. The dealer is first videotaped, then the OCR software converts the image into a live feed broadcast to all players. Players will put their bets, the dealer will ask for further information, and the casino software will process the bets. After the dealer announces that no further bets can be placed, the game will begin. The cameras will catch the outcomes. Players can ask the dealer any questions, and the dealer will be able to see, hear, and answer in real-time. The winners and losers will be presented on the screen as soon as the results are known. 


Live casino gaming is a terrific part of online casino gaming. Live casinos are indeed a beautiful outcome of technology. If you truly want to know the immersive experience of casino gaming, try live casino games. Check out our live casino games to get started. Stay tuned here and on our social media for further updates on online casinos.


Is it necessary for me to download software for live casino games?

The casino determines this. Some casinos only allow access to their live dealer games through software downloads. Others provide browser-based Flash live dealer games, meaning that as long as your browser has the Adobe Flash plug-in installed, you may play the live games right in your browser without downloading anything.

Is it possible for live dealers to see you?

No. You can see the Live Dealer, but they cannot see you.

Where can I play live casino games?

You can enjoy live casino games here at our online casino. Visit to get started.