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How to Play Liars Poker

How to Play Liars Poker

Liar’s Poker is an online casino card game based on how well you can bluff and on probability. If you’re learning how to play Liar’s Poker, you should already know that it’s a game where you bet on how frequently a number appears in the serial numbers of United States paper currency.

As said earlier, Liar’s Poker is based on probability. If a player believes the previous player’s proposal or bid of numbers is a lie, he shouts out that the proposal is a lie. Once he calls him out, every other player will have to tender their paper currencies for a count. If the proposed number sequence is valid, the player who proposed it wins. If the numbers counted do not match the proposed arrangement, the player with the proposal loses.

Liar’s Poker is a game that requires psychological and numerical reasoning. Now, let’s have a more detailed view of the rules, as you learn how to play Liar’s Poker.

How to Play Liars Poker: Lies Are Not Involved at All!

Behind every game you find at online and physical casinos, there are rules guiding the conduct of the game. Below are the rules on how to play Liar’s Poker.

  • From two to eight players are required to play.
  • Players can use any size of U.S. paper currency.
  • The highest to lowest rankings are 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0. This is a standard ranking for numbers.
  • The objective when learning how to play Liar’s Poker is to correctly guess how frequently a number appears on all currency bills.
  • Every proposal grows in number among the players until a player challenges another player.
  • Once a player is called out, all cards must face upward.
  • Talking at a liar’s poker table is allowed among players.

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Get in the Game

Choose a stake and currency bill

Before a round of Liar’s Poker begins, every player needs to pick any currency bill between $1 and as much as $1,000. You get a serial number from the currency bill, so you can understand that it doesn’t have to be a specific dollar bill.

After every player has selected a dollar bill, every player has to choose a stake amount for every person unanimously. If every player agrees to use $2, then $2 is for every round of Liar’s Poker. Note that you should try not to use the dollar bill agreed upon as the stake amount. For example, if $10 was agreed upon as the stake amount, then you should pick another dollar bill for your serial number.

Choose the first player

Choose who the first player will be. Players can determine how they wish to select the first player or use the serial number to determine who the first player will be. Selecting the first player using the serial number is done by checking the lowest ranking letter on each dollar bill of each player.

Propose or challenge

After a ranking system for the serial numbers has been chosen, the betting process begins for all players. Players decide to either bluff by declaring a high value or challenge each other. Let’s see how a round of Liar’s Poker plays out.

The first player will begin the round by proposing by declaring a number, e.g., four 6s, which means the number 6 will appear four times or more after checking through his hand and other players’ hands. The player after him must propose a higher number according to the rules of playing Liar’s Poker or challenge another player. The player can propose to make five 7s or challenge another player.

When a player challenges another, every other player tenders their card, facing up, for the numbers to be counted. The counting is to determine if the challenge is right or wrong. If the proposal is correct, the player who placed it wins and receives the stake from all players. But if the proposal is incorrect, the player loses and pays out the stake amount to every other player playing.

A Practical Example of How to Play Liars Poker

Let’s consider two players with serial numbers 93587502 and 05528426, respectively. The first player begins by calling out a frequent number of two 3s, and player two calls out a frequent number of three 4s. Player 1 starts the round again by calling out another regular number of five 6s, and at this point, player 2 can decide to challenge player one.

We will count the number 6 in both serial numbers to determine whether it is a win or loss. He wins if there are more than five 6s in both serial numbers of the players. If it is not up to five 6s on every player’s serial number, the player must pay the stake amount to the second player.


Unlike other online poker games you can find at online casinos, Liar’s Poker is quite different due to its style and objective of play. It will help if you learn how to bluff your opponents when you want to know how to play Liar’s Poker.  So even if you are the best poker player in the world, you still have to learn how to bluff to understand how to play Liar’s Poker. Visit Slots Paradise Casino to play Liar’s Poker.

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FAQs – How to Play Liar’s Poker

What are the lowest and highest ranked numbers in Liar’s Poker?

The lowest and highest-ranked numbers in Liar’s Poker are 0 and 9, respectively.

What strategy can I apply when playing Liar’s Poker?

Liar’s Poker requires skill and luck when playing, so some tips you can use when playing are patience, discipline, knowing when to bluff, and when to challenge. It’ll take time to master when to bluff and challenge, but with enough practice, you’ll get the hang of it.