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How to Play Electronic Roulette Using The Labouchere System

How to Play Electronic Roulette Using The Labouchere System

The casino roulette game has proven its tenacity in the world of casino gaming ever since introduced as far back as 1796. And ever since introduced, it has become a popular game at every casino you can find. Some players might be intimidated by electronic roulette and say they could easily play at live tables. You’ll also learn how to play electronic roulette and apply the labouchere system to the game.

Roulette evolved from the traditional live table game at physical casinos to the electronic version. And the exciting fact is that many online casinos offer both online and electronic versions of the roulette game. This roulette guide will explain why electronic roulette is preferable.

How to play Electronic Roulette Using The Labouchere System

If you have been playing roulette previously, you’ll understand that the game’s goal is to predict which number the ball will land on. When learning how to play electronic roulette, thes goal is the same.

And the difference between playing electronic roulette and traditional roulette is that you will be playing against other players and not the dealer. A bit confusing, isn’t it? So follow along as we explain how to play electronic roulette.

  1. Create an account

The first thing you have to do to learn how to play electronic roulette is to sign up and create an account. And to create an account, you need to find a reputable online casino or a physical casino with electronic roulette machines. You’ll fund your account by providing details for signing up at an online casino. Your funds are what you use to place bets. Some casinos offer a deposit or no deposit bonus after signing up.

  1. Choose the electronic roulette game.

You can select the electronic roulette game in the casino game’s lobby.

  1. Place a bet

As a player, this is when you choose the chip size from the available sizes. It can be a $1, $5, or $10 chip. Unlike classic roulette, where you place your bets on the table, you use an electronic screen instead.

There are several kinds of bets to place in roulette, and the same goes for the electronic version. You can generally bet on 37 numbers, including black/red, low/high, odd/even, or combination bets. The combination bets include inside and outside chances. Inside bets are a trio, split, street, corner, and six lines, while outside bets are column and dozen bets.

Some casinos allow players to place bets on red or black pockets, odd or even numbers, high or low numbers, and column or dozen bets.

  1. Spin the wheel

Since it is an electronic roulette, you must hit the spin button once ready. Once you hit it, the machine will release the ball, and the wheel will start spinning.

  1. Outcome

Once the wheel stops spinning, the ball will fall into a number pocket. An RNG (random number generator) determines the outcome in electronic roulette. If it falls on one of the numbers picked, you lose. The casino will pay out your winnings to you once you win.

And that is how to play electronic roulette. Simple, right?

What is the Labouchere System?

Now that you understand how to play electronic roulette, you should learn several roulette betting strategies or systems. Some roulette betting strategies are the martingale system, the reverse martingale system, and the labouchere system. We’ll be particular about the Labouchere system in this guide.

The Labouchere system is a betting strategy developed by the English politician Henry Labouchere in the early 19th century. And the sole purpose of creating the labouchere system was for himself.

The Labouchere system is a negative progression system in which the player determines how much he wants to win in advance. In layperson terms, the negative progression means that you will increase your bet if you lose. It is also known as the split Martingale or the cancellation strategy.

Instead of pursuing a single win, you can make up for multiple losses. And to use the Labouchere system to know how to play electronic roulette, you must have a big bankroll.

Here’s how to use the Labouchere system:

  1. Decide on your goal and how much you want to win. Keep in mind that your goal should be in line with your budget.
  2. Divide your goal into small steps. It is up to you, the player, to decide the number of divisions you choose. Consider setting a $50 target as an example. Next, your goal can be divided into multiple wagers using the sequence 5-5-5-5-6-6-6-4-4-2-2. Keep in mind that you control how the sequence plays out.
  3. The time has come to make use of the minor betting divisions. The first bet would be the sum of the first and last numbers on the list, per the Labouchere system.

To keep the same pattern, if you win the first wager, you cross out the first and last numbers from the list. In this case, the second and tenth numbers would make the next bet. You will continue to place bets this way until every number on your list has been ticked.

What happens if you lose a bet? Do not panic; continue playing the sequence, adding the losing number to the end, and do not stop.

Let’s look at a specific example of the Labouchere system as one of the roulette betting strategies.

  • Let’s pick a goal that has a $200 budget.
  • Let’s choose the number of wagers necessary to accomplish this goal. For instance, $25, $35, $45, $45, $25, $15, and $10
  • Make the first bet with a chance of at least even. In this scenario, $25 plus $10 equals $35.
  • If the first wager wins, subtract the first and last amounts from the sequence, or $25 and $10.
  • After adding the second and sixth numbers in the sequence, place the second wager. $35 + $15 = $50.
  • If you ultimately lose the bet, you must add the amount you lost to the end of your sequence. So this is how it would appear: $35-$45-$45-$25-$15-$50.
  • Make your third bet of $35 plus $50 for a total of $85.
  • If you win the bet, you remove $35 and $50 from the list.
  • The following bet would be $45 + $15, or $60.
  • Place your bets down in this manner until the target is reached and you have crossed off every number in your sequence.

Final Thoughts

There are several other exceptional variants of roulette, such as Russian roulette. And you can read a guide to learn how to play Russian roulette casino games.

Finally, with much practice, you’ll improve using the Labouchere system. Visit Slots Paradise’s social media Casino to play the Electronic Roulette. 

How to Play Electronic Roulette FAQs

How many numbers are in roulette?

The European and French variants of the roulette game have 37 numbers, from 0 to 36. The numbers are written sequentially between black and red, except for the number 0. Only American roulette has a double 0.

Can you bet on red and black at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to bet on both red and black simultaneously. Though the bets can cancel each other out in some cases, it is not always advisable to bet on both colors.