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The Labouchere System

Breakdown of The Labouchere System

How the Labouchere System Works

English politician Henry Labouchere developed the Labouchere system early in the nineteenth century. Being the avid roulette player that he was, Henry intended to use a technique specifically for the roulette game. Due to the betting system’s success in his roulette endeavors, it is now employed in several casino and sports betting games.

The Labouchere betting system, commonly referred to as the split Martingale or the cancellation strategy, is a negative progression system where players choose how much they wish to earn in advance. Simply put, the negative progression means that if you lose, you will increase your bet.

You can eventually make up for any losses if your betting increases and you have a sufficiently large bankroll. 

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Breakdown of The Labouchere System 

The Labouchere system attempts to make up for losses with multiple wins instead of focusing on a single win. And the most interesting part about it is that you get to decide what pattern you want to use to guide your betting. This principle allows players to decide their own goals before bets start taking place. The total amount to bet and the number of bets are entirely in the hands of the player. 

Let’s get started in this Roulette Guide about the Labouchere system.

How to Use the Labouchere Betting System

To use the system, stick to these detailed guidelines: 

  1. Decide on your goal and how much you want to win. Keep in mind that your goal should be in line with your budget. 
  2. Divide your goal into small steps. It is entirely up to you, the player, to decide the number of divisions you choose to make. Consider setting a $50 target as an example. Your goal can be divided into multiple wagers using the sequence 5-5-5-5-6-6-4-4-2-2.

Keep in mind that you are in control of how the sequence plays out.

  1. The time has come to make use of the small betting divisions. The first bet would be the sum of the first and last numbers on the list, per the Labouchere system.

To keep the same pattern, if you win the first wager, you will cross out the first and last numbers from the following list. The second and tenth numbers, in this case, would make the next bet. You will continue to place bets in this manner until every number on your list has been crossed off.

What happens if you lose a bet? Do not panic; simply continue playing the sequence, adding the losing number to the end of it, and do not stop.

Let’s look at an example of the system in action as one of the roulette betting strategies

  • Let’s pick a goal that has a $200 budget. 
  • Let’s choose the number of wagers necessary to accomplish this goal. For instance, $25, $35, 45, 45, $25, $15, and $10
  • Place the first wager for a chance of at least even. In this scenario, $25 plus $10 equals $35. 
  • If the first wager wins, subtract the first and last amounts from the sequence, or $25 and $10. 
  • After adding the second and sixth numbers in the sequence, place the second wager. $35 + $15 = $50.
  • If you ultimately lose the bet, all you need to do is add the amount you lost to the end of your sequence. This is how it would appear: $35-$45-$45-$25-$15-$50. 
  • Make your third bet of $35 plus $50 for a total of $85. 
  • If you win the bet, you remove $35 and $50 from the list. 
  • The following bet would be $45 + $15, or $60. 
  • Keep betting this way until all numbers have been crossed off your sequence and your goal has been reached. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the System


  • It has a flexible betting structure. The fact that players can select any sequence of their choosing demonstrates flexibility.
  • You don’t have to win all gaming sessions to accomplish your goal. 
  • You have a chance of eventually ending the sequence because winning one-third of the time maintains the line. 
  • The Labouchere system gives players the ability to select and control the bet sizes.


  • Keeping up with your bankroll in the Labouchere system could be challenging. 
  • If you keep going on a losing streak, your bankroll is in danger. 
  • If you kept going on losing streaks, your sequence would grow longer. 
  • Success isn’t always assured. 
  • You cannot use the Labouchere system if you have a small bankroll. 
  • The Labouchere betting system does not, under any circumstances, lessen the house edge.

The Reverse Labouchere System 

This system is one of many roulette betting strategies, along with the D’Alembert system.

The Reverse Labouchere is similar to the Labouchere system. The Reverse Labouchere differs mainly in that it is a positive progression. You get to increase your stake on a win rather than a loss.

The Reverse system aims to increase profits during a winning streak and decrease losses during a losing streak.

Final Thoughts

If you want to use the system, you must be willing to debunk roulette myths and take a chance. You may make money even if you place bets that lose more frequently than they win.

If you finally start losing and the stakes start to rise, you’ll need a lot of self-discipline to know when to stop playing. The Labouchere betting system should therefore be practiced frequently, and you should hope that you don’t lose too much when you play for real money. Ready to play online roulette? Head on to Slots Paradise Casino for an outstanding online casino gaming session.

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What does a negative progression betting system mean?

Players use a negative progression system to increase their bet every time they lose.

What Differentiates a Labouchere Betting System From a Reverse Labouchere Betting System?

The Labouchere betting system involves gradually increasing bets on a loss. The Reverse Labouchere betting system gradually raises your bets on a win.

Is the Labouchere System Good?

In the end, the Labouchere system isn’t very good. However, you could have some luck utilizing it a few times or even for a while.