5Bet Live Dealer by TVBET

5Bet Live Dealer by TVBET

Get ready for a live lottery game that could make you the next big winner! The 5Bet Live Dealer is played every 3 minutes, so hurry up and place your bets. The game takes place in one of TVBET’s live studios, using the best cinematography and sound. The aim of the game is simple — choose 3 lucky numbers out of the 5 balls from the original 35 numbers in the machine. Players bet on the numbers drawn, and there are 56 other betting options available!

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How to Play 5Bet Live Dealer Game

Let’s get to know how to play 5Bet.

If you haven’t played 5Bet before, look at the “How to Play” guide at the top left of the screen. Go through the rules and watch a short video on how the game works. 

Then, select a predetermined bet denomination or use a custom bet, which is selectable with the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons. Betting starts from $0.10 and goes as high as $100 per wager.

When you’re ready, place your bets and play.

Play the 5Bet live dealer online, where picking just 3 numbers could lead to huge payouts. More game reviews await you at Slots Paradise Casino!

5Bet Live Dealer RTP and Variance

At the time of writing this 5Bet Live Dealer review, TVBET has not published either the RTP or variance for this game. For more information, read our casino guide section for top gaming tips.

Deuces wild is a game with winning in the cards should you choose to play.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

We listed only the main bets. Consult the paytable for additional side bets.

One Number6.8
Two Numbers55
Three Numbers650

5Bet Live Dealer Overview

The 5Bet Live Dealer game is a fast-paced lotto-style game played with 36 balls of various colors. In each round, the 36 balls are mixed in a chamber, and 5 are drawn randomly. 

Players can bet on the numbers or colors as well as various combinations and outcomes totaling up to 56 wagers. Between each round, players have about two minutes to place wagers and make decisions. 

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Main 5Bet Live Dealer Features

The balls in 5Bet Live Dealer are numbered from 1 to 36, in addition to being colored in yellow, green, red, and blue, which allows for plenty of betting outcomes. The color of the balls allows for many different possible bets to be placed, such as for at least one green ball to be drawn. 

The highest payout goes to predicting three correct balls out of five, with odds of 650:1.

5Bet Live Dealer FAQs

What Is The Main Bet In The 5Bet Live Dealer Game?

The main bet is predicting which numbers will be drawn. Players can pick up to three numbers, with the odds increasing significantly when predicting the full three. 

Do I Have To Pick Three Numbers?

No, it is possible to select one, two, or three numbers as well as various side bets.

Is It Possible To Place Additional Bets Once The Timer Runs Out?

No, all bets must be finalized before the timer runs out.


TVBET’s 5Bet Live Dealer is not to be missed. That said, you could miss one game and be the winner of the next one in 3 minutes. Hosted by a charming hostess, players choose 3 lucky numbers or 56 side bets to land excellent prizes. 

Players can also bet on future games, so there are plenty of opportunities to win big.  It’s an immersive and exciting game streamed 24/7 from a live studio using the best technology available — what more could you want?

Remember to check out the 5Bet live dealer demo before playing for real cash wins in the 5Bet live dealer game today!

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