E – Sic Bo Live Dealer by SA Gaming

Get ready for an immersive gaming experience when you play the E – Sic Bo Live Dealer. This ancient Chinese dice game offers not only the chance to bet on the exact outcome of the dice but on 23 various outcomes, all of which reward players handsomely. SA Gaming streams all the action from a real casino studio, creating next-level immersion.

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How to Play E – Sic Bo Live Dealer

Take a look at how to play E – Sic Bo Live Dealer.

As with any casino game, you first need to pick the coin denomination and set the wager, with options going from $5 to $500 per round. 

Once you know how much to bet, you can place your chips on any option before the timer expires. 

You can find the menu in the bottom right corner. It contains information such as the rules and settings.

It is possible to switch to other tables and games from the list on the right side of the screen.

The live dealer online casino will entertain you for hours.

E – Sic Bo Live Dealer RTP and Variance

At the time of writing this E – Sic Bo live dealer review, SA Gaming has not published either the RTP or variance for this game. Our casino guide recommends that players check out the E – Sic Bo live dealer demo game before playing for real money.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Small Bet1:1
Big Bet1:1
Numbers – Singles1:1
Numbers – Double2:1
Numbers Triple3:1
Specific Triple150:1
Any Triple24:1
Specific Double8:1
Pair Match5:1

E – Sic Bo Live Dealer Game Overview

E – Sic Bo live dealer online is an easy-to-play dice game where the dealer mixes three dice under a dome, and players place bets on what they think the outcome will be. 

E-Sic Bo offers a wide selection of betting options with varying odds.

There are many other casino games to choose from when deciding what to play.

E – Sic Bo Live Dealer Features

E – Sic Bo live dealer has multiple betting options, and some have a high payout potential, such as the Specific Triple bet, which pays 150:1 if it lands. Other high bets include wagering on the 4 or 17, both of which pay 50:1, or any Triple, which awards 24:1. 

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SA Gaming never disappoints its loyal fans, and E-Sic Bolive dealer is no exception. This game features all the bells and whistles of playing at a brick-and-mortar table but from the comfort of your home. 

At first glance, the gameplay may seem overwhelming to newcomers, but it’s a simple case of predicting the outcome of three dice. Players may bet on various outcomes with varying bet amounts to land impressive prizes.

Enjoy the thrill of a live dealer game with exciting winning opportunities in the E – Sic Bo live dealer game today!

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E – Sic Bo Live Dealer FAQs

What Is The Maximum Payout In E-Sic Bo?

The maximum payout in the E – Sic Bo live dealer game is the Specific Triple wager which pays 150:1.

What Is The Betting Range For E-Sic Bo?

The betting range for E-Sic Bo is $5 to $500 per wager. Players can place multiple wagers per round.

Is E-Sic Bo Available On Mobile Devices?

Yes, E-Sic Bo is available to play on most mobile devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. A good internet connection is required to stream this live dealer game.

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