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Fruit Race Live Dealer Game

Fruit Race Live Dealer Game

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Get ready for a fun and thrilling gaming experience in the Fruit Race live dealer game from TVBET. This game uses an exciting combination of fruit symbols and lottery balls to decide the outcome of the game. Played from a live studio, a beautiful presenter keeps players engaged and prompts you to make a range of fun bets. 

Play the thrilling Fruit Race live dealer online and let the lottery balls decide your fate!

How to the Play Fruit Race Live Dealer Game

Our exciting Game Reviews will always save the day and tell you how to win the game! 

To get the game started, a wager must be selected. Players can opt to choose a bet that ranges from $0.10 to $100 per round. 

To make things just a little easier, players can decide on the number of rounds to play at a preselected bet amount. Make use of the “-” and “+” buttons after selecting a wager.

Players can find more information on this game by heading to the top left corner of the screen and clicking the “How to Play” option.

The payouts are located at the top right of the screen, where the number of matches is displayed along with corresponding multipliers.

Fruit Race Live Dealer RTP and Variance

At the time of writing this Fruit Race live dealer review, TVBET has not published either the RTP or variance of this game.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

7 Ball Match30

Fruit Race Live Dealer Game Overview

The Fruit Race live dealer game is a fast-paced lotto game that will keep you returning for more. This game is played with 10 balls that represent various fruits.

The aim of the game is to have the different colored balls fall next to the fruit symbols that they represent. The more matches that are made, the higher the multiplier and the bigger the payout. A match of more than four balls or the 7 Ball on its own awards a payout. 

Players need to be quick as they only have 30 seconds to place a wager. Bets can be made up to 100 draws in advance. 

Main Fruit Race Features

The Fruit Race live dealer game has 10 balls that represent various fruit and a 7. The yellow balls are for the Lemon symbols, the red for the Cherry, and the purple for the Plum. Landing the same ball next to the fruit that represents the color awards a match. 

Fruit Race FAQs

How Do I Place A Bet In The Fruit Race Live Dealer Game?

To place a wager, just enter your stake and select the number of rounds that you want to play.

How Many Rounds Can I Bet In Advance In Fruit Race?

You can bet from 1 round up to 100 rounds in advance.

What Is The Minimum Number Of Matches That Will Award A Payout?

You need at least 4 matches to trigger a payout. The 7 Ball is the exception though, as it can payout on its own if it lands in the right place.


As usual, and as per our casino guide, we recommend trying the game in the demo version to see if this game is for you. That said, the game is a pretty easy-to-follow game of chance that offers an immersive experience thanks to the warm and friendly host and the well-designed studio. 

It’s clear that TVBET is all about quality, as the sound and lighting are top-notch. As for the gameplay, there are no finicky betting options, just place a bet and hope that Lady Luck is on your side as the balls land.

Play the Fruit Race live dealer game and see what this top game is all about!

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