Speed Baccarat 2 Live Dealer by SA Gaming

Speed Baccarat 2 Live Dealer by SA Gaming

Immerse yourself in the dazzling realm of Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer. This isn’t your everyday online casino card game; it’s a journey into the heart of classic Baccarat, turbocharged! SA Gaming, a maestro in the live dealer casino world, invites you to feel the pulsating energy and thrill. With a seamless blend of traditional rules and modern technology, Speed Baccarat 2 promises more than just a game – it offers a holistic casino experience. Ready for the challenge? Strap in, and let the games begin!

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How to Play Speed Baccarat 2 Live Dealer

Dive right into Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer game without a hiccup, as it retains the essence of standard baccarat. The game features 8 decks, ensuring a rich mix of outcomes. Unique to this table are side bets, and the absence of random shuffles further enhances the swift gameplay.

As the clock ticks and the betting period draws to a close, be prepared to act fast. Once time’s up, the dealer quickly reveals two face-up cards for both the banker and the player. If the game dynamics call for a third card, there’s no suspenseful wait; the dealer promptly plays it. And just as swiftly as it began, the round concludes with the dealer announcing the results.

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Speed Baccarat 2 Live Dealer RTP and Variance

When it comes to returns, Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer online boasts a commendable average RTP of 98.94%, offering players a competitive edge. As for the game’s variance, it remains an enigma. Being a card game, pinpointing a specific variance is elusive. So, players can enjoy the game with the assurance of a high return, while the unpredictability keeps every round fresh and thrilling.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Wagering in Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer offers flexibility that caters to both the cautious and the bold. Players have the liberty to choose from a spread of 11 chips, starting as low as a chip of 1, and scaling up to a substantial chip of 1,000. An interesting feature to note is the “Limit” values for Player and Banker. These values signify the limit of difference between “Player” and “Banker” bet amounts. In essence, a bet on the “Player” will compensate and increase the limit for the “Banker”, and vice versa. Here’s a quick view of the paytable:

Bet TypePayout 
Player pair11:1
Banker pair11:1
Lucky six12:1 (If Banker wins with 6 points and no third card is drawn)
20:1 (If Banker wins with 6 points and third card is drawn)

Speed Baccarat 2 Live Dealer Bonus Features

Stepping into the world of Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer, players are treated to distinct bonus features, adding layers of excitement to the game.

No Commission Baccarat: This variant plays much like traditional Baccarat but with a twist. There’s no commission deducted when the Banker wins, offering a 1:1 payout. The exception? If the Banker clinches a win with 6 points, then the payout gets adjusted to 1:2. Players can indulge in a range of betting options, from the classic Player, Banker, and Tie to the more nuanced choices like Player Pair, Banker Pair, Lucky Six, Player Natural, and Banker Natural.

Cow Cow Baccarat: Simplified yet thrilling, players in this variant have three straightforward betting choices: Player, Banker, or Tie. However, a unique requirement exists: to bet, a player’s “balance” must be at least 9 times the “bet amount”. This factor highlights the game’s heightened risk and reward nature, urging players to strategize and bet cautiously.

Symbols and Gameplay

In Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer, card values are straightforward. Aces count as 1, cards 2-9 carry their face value, while 10s and face cards (J, Q, K) are valued at 0. The gameplay’s crux revolves around the hand’s score, which is derived from the rightmost digit of the card total. So, a hand with an 8 and 7, totaling 15, would score a 5. Scores oscillate between 0 to 9, with suits disregarded.

The game’s victor is determined by comparing the Player and Banker hands; the hand nearest to 9 triumphs. For instance, a Player hand (A,3,5) with 9 points bests a Banker hand (J,2,A) with 3 points. Bets on the winning side payout 1:1. However, a win on a Banker bet incurs a 5% commission. Ties? They’re unique. If you’ve wagered on a Tie and both Player and Banker hands match, you rake in an 8:1 payout. But if you bet on either Player or Banker and a Tie ensues, you’re refunded your stake.

Two special game scenarios to note: First, if either side lands a total of 8 or 9 with their initial two cards, it’s termed a ‘natural’, ending that round. Secondly, a Pair indicates that the first two cards for Player or Banker are identical.


Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer offers an exhilarating twist on a classic game, captivating both seasoned players and newcomers. Its streamlined rules, coupled with strategic betting options, make it an engaging experience. Whether you’re chasing the thrill of a quick game or seeking strategic depth, this version of Baccarat promises a dynamic and rewarding experience. Dive in and see for yourself why it’s making waves in the online casino world!

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Speed Baccarat 2 Live Dealer FAQs

What is the RTP of Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer?

The RTP (Return to Player) is an impressive 98.94%, giving players a competitive edge in potential returns.

Are there different variants of Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer available?

Yes, the game offers a couple of exciting variants, including the No Commission Baccarat and Cow Cow Baccarat, each bringing its unique rules and features to the table.

Is Speed Baccarat 2 live dealer mobile-compatible?

Absolutely! It’s designed to be compatible with mobile devices, ensuring players can enjoy the game on the go, regardless of where they are.

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