Win 10/20 Live Dealer Game

Come experience the fun and winning potential of the Win 10/20 live dealer game from the team at Lotto Instant Win. You’ve probably played lottery games before, but this is a powered-up version that delivers everything from beautiful, modern backdrops to brilliant side bets that keep you guessing and predicting which balls will drop.

Refine your lotto strategy and experience the live dealer phenomenon here at Slots Paradise Casino, where you find the best online casino games with real money!

How to Play Win 10/20 Live Dealer

It doesn’t take long to learn how to play the Win 10/20 Live Dealer game with our quick tips.

Playing at the best online casino you may think a lot is going on in this game, but remember, it all comes down to predicting your lucky lotto numbers in the right-hand section. The bet slip is also to the right, and you have access to your betting history and all the other lotto games to the left. Lastly, you have game settings and rules to round up the last of the core controls.

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Win 10/20 Live Dealer RTP and Variance

The average RTP is 88.57%, but we don’t have the full details on the variance rating for the game. We’ll be sure to update the information on those, but how about testing our Win 10/20 Live Dealer demo to get a feel for the game?

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Playing the Win 10/20 live dealer game allows for friendly betting limits, ranging from $0.09 to $1,100. Not only is this super fun, but it’s accessible to all budgets, meaning everyone at Slots Paradise Casino can play to win.


Win 10/20 Live Dealer Tips for Playing

In the game Win 10/20, the action centers around the selection and drawing of balls, creating a fun gameplay experience. Initially, 5 out of 20 balls are drawn, followed by an additional 10, making the game’s core revolve around these 15 balls. Players are given the flexibility to choose between 1 and 8 numbers for a single combination ticket, with success only secured if all selected numbers match the draw.

For those opting for a system ticket, up to 15 numbers can be picked, offering a win when at least one chosen combination matches the drawn numbers. The game also introduces an exciting side bet where players predict whether the total sum of the drawn balls will fall under or over 105.

For those seeking a faster betting process, Win 10/20 offers an option to select numbers randomly. Additionally, the game features a Memory function, which stores up to 5 preset bet selections, simplifying the betting process for players and allowing for quick access to favored number combinations.

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Symbols and Gameplay

Playing Win 10/20 live dealer online is all about the numbered balls, while the gameplay centers around the big lotto machine, which is the focus of the live stream. Payouts depend on how many balls are selected and whether any side bets are included, with the biggest maximum win set to 1000x the bet.


Pick your numbers and watch the lotto machine as it randomly selects the winning balls. The unique game rules and simple betting rounds make this live dealer game one to remember, taking the joy of the lottery game and giving it a modern twist.

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Win 10/20 Live Dealer FAQs

Can I place bets on multiple ball numbers in the game?

Yes, you have multiple bet choices when playing the Win 10/20 live dealer game. You can wager on singles or system bets.

Are there other similar games to play at Slots Paradise Casino?

We have lots of other games to play on our popular gaming platform. You can choose from other Lotto and Keno games.

How can I best enjoy the Win 10/20 live dealer game online?

We suggest you always play responsibly, no matter which game you place bets on. This game provides handy bet history information so you can track your recent bets and how much you spend.

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