Win 5/48 Live Dealer Game

Come and be a part of Lotto Instant Win’s incredible gaming experience, where you have the chance to win huge prizes with every draw. The Win 5/48 Live Dealer game features a stunning studio and simple system bets, so this game is not your typical lottery. Play one round, and you will see how it adds an intriguing edge that makes it stand out in the world of lotto games.

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How to Play Win 5/48 Live Dealer

Mastering how to play the Win 5/48 Live Dealer game is a pleasure with our handy guide, which will ensure that you get what you can out of each session. All the main details can be found on the right-hand side of the screen, as this is where you pick your numbers and place your stakes. It’s all very intuitive, so you’ll have it cracked in a few minutes.

You can easily access your betting history to help keep track of your spending; plus, we love how you can quickly scroll through the studios of the other Lotto Instant Win games.

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Win 5/48 Live Dealer RTP and Variance

The game has an average Return to Player set to 83.30%, yet the variance is not supplied. If all these terms don’t quite stack up, then our casino guides are great for swatting up on some new knowledge.

You can find greater RTP values in some card games like the Pai Gow Poker. Come deal yourself some lucky hands!

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Betting on the 5/48 live dealer game is super simple, with low stakes from $0.09 that keep rising to the high-roller betting heights of $1,100 per round.

1 Ball8
2 Balls80
3 Balls1,000
4 Balls15,000
5 Balls125,000

Win 5/48 Live Dealer Tips for Playing

Playing the Win 5/48 live dealer casino game is all about the machine of 48 balls from which you pick your winning numbers. Here’s how you play: start by selecting between 1 to 5 balls for a single combination ticket. Success in this game hinges on matching all your chosen numbers with those drawn. If luck is on your side and your selected combination is drawn, then your winnings are a simple calculation – your stake multiplied by the odds.

It’s also possible to get a system ticket where you can pick up to 15 numbers, increasing your chances of catching a win with just one system combination getting drawn. To top everything off, the following side bets are available in the Special Studio-1.

  • Predict the color of the first ball drawn.
  • Guess if the first ball will be under or over 24.5.
  • Wager on the sum of the first five balls—will it be under or over 102.5, 122.5, or even 142.5?
  • Decide if the first five drawn balls will generate more odd or even numbers.

Symbols and Gameplay

The Win 5/48 live dealer game offers a prize pool of up to $110,000. Although the elements are as basic as they come, this present-day lottery game nonetheless offers excellent winning potential.


The exciting mix of chance and strategy in the 5/48 live dealer game is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Players have a special chance to forecast numbers and maybe win large. It’s the ideal setting for people who like analyzing, anticipating, and relishing that rush of a strategically placed bet.

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Win 5/48 Live Dealer FAQs

What’s the advantage of playing system tickets?

The system tickets mean you can choose up to 15 numbers. This increases your chances of winning since a win is achieved if at least one chosen combination is drawn.

Is there a quick bet option?

Yes, for faster betting, you may choose 15 random numbers. A Memory option is also offered, which includes setting five preset bet settings for even quicker games.

Can I always set up my numbers?

Yes, you have the flexibility to select 1-5 numbers as the basic option. Or you can choose 15 numbers for a system ticket to broaden your winning scope.

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