Mikki Mase: Dared to Challenge the Casinos and Came Out Victorious!

Mikki Mase: Dared to Challenge the Casinos and Came Out Victorious!

Mikki Mase is one of the players who has broken through and removed the “impossible” aspects of baccarat gaming with his wit and fortune in high-stakes gambling. His gaming tactics are so impactful that some Las Vegas casinos had no choice but to ban him. 

Looking at him from afar, one wouldn’t think of him to be a serious gambler, but when Mikki Mase sits at a gaming table, he is on another level, nothing short of excellent most times. Masse is a professional gambling celebrity today, but his journey was full of ups and downs. 

In today’s casino news, we will look into Mikki Mase’s history, how he became famous, and why he is one of the best gamblers in history.

Mikki Mase: The Man, The Myth, The Baccarat Mastermind!

Michael David Maiterman, aka Mikki Mase, was born in the wildland of New Jersey on October 27th, 1991, into a family of gamblers, except for his parents, who deviated off the track. His father was a street racer. These characteristics coursed through the veins of Mase, who started gaming at age 5, playing casino games like Gin Rummy, Texas Hold’Em, and a few others, for some tokens. 

In his early teens, following his dad’s steps, Mase was already competing with other racers, including Jason Lawrence, Malcolm Stewart, the Alessi Brothers, and many more. However, his life took a spiral downwards when his father was sentenced to prison.

Mase went to prison at some point, but when he got out, he worked for 18 hours every day to achieve his dream of retiring early. He established a business that focused on the treatment of those who have drug and alcohol addictions. 

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Gambling Prowess and Baccarat Wonders

As stated earlier, Mikki Mase is one of the types of gamblers who began engaging in wagering activities in childhood. Mase would gamble with rich Jewish and Italian kids in the neighborhood, winning several amounts of cash from them.

In 2018, he liquidated his business and moved to Los Angeles for a soft life adventure. He travels to Las Vegas regularly to do what he loves best—gambling. He started with blackjack and later switched to the popular baccarat game

Each trip fetched Mase as much as $50,000 in winnings, and he later increased his stakes, winning up to $300,000. Mikki Mase’s popularity began spreading on Instagram as he posted pictures and content of his wins, a motivation to multiple online casino players who strive to succeed in the gambling world. He often shows himself to his over 480,000 followers, posing with stashes of cash.

Mase speaks a lot about winning Las Vegas casinos that have banned him from playing. He reveals that he accrued massive wins, over $30 million, from the casinos with a secret long-term winning strategy he developed. However, he shares some other tactics he uses, including studying patterns and using statistical modeling to predict the game. If you are familiar with these tactics, try them by playing the Baccarat Betsoft online game.

He continually updates his followers on his wins, including his $11,526,000 and $3,100,000 wins on different occasions.

A Venetian casino executive, Jake Ormand, confirmed that Mikki Mase outmaneuvered them to win $10 million within a three-month playing streak. This win put the firm into jeopardy; they had to strategically deny him any more access to the casino out of fear of him causing any further damage. Other Las Vegas casino executives have also confirmed his tales of winning the house, making him a bad bet for their establishments.

Mase continued to gain more footage as several TV and YouTube shows, like Hustler Gamblers and Crooks, started hosting him to discuss his gambling career. His recent appearances on Hustler Casino Live and Live at the Bike further propelled him to greater fame among the casino communities.

Back to his strategy, Mase offers to disclose his secret winning strategy for a $50 million buy-in prize. But he said he believed no one would want to invest in such a strategy because, by the time the secret is out, casinos would have upgraded their policies, preventing winning with such a strategy.

Baccarat Master

Las Vegas casinos have only banned four baccarat players in the history of gambling, one of whom is Mikki Mase. These casinos have not accused him of using illicit strategies, but according to Mase, they have some non-gambling-related accusations to restrict his access to their baccarat table games. Such accusations include shouting at casino executives, and other weird stuff.

However, besides cheating, the only thing that can make a casino ban a gambler is if they fear him, and that was the case with Mikki Mase, who promised there would be a day of reckoning for all the casinos. But for now, he continues to work on himself to live life in Los Angeles.

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