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Ground-Breaking Wins in Casino History: Biggest Blackjack Win

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Blackjack online betting has constantly evolved over the years. Across the globe, bettors have amassed millions, with many still enjoying substantial wins, highlighting the game’s widespread success and appeal. Blackjack spans 140+ countries, solidifying its status as an enduring and beloved casino classic enjoyed by enthusiasts worldwide. So popular that we can record the biggest blackjack win or top wins in the history of online casino betting.

Over the years, blackjack has grown to become the bigwig of online casino table games. Although winners bristle at online casinos, just a few made remarkable winnings worthy of the “cream of the crop” status at blackjack online betting. These individuals solidified their biggest blackjack win, earning a well-deserved spot in the Hall of Fame ranking.

Today’s casino news covers their historical winnings.

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Legendary Wins: The Biggest Blackjack Win Stories

In the world of casino table games and blackjack winnings, every hand holds the potential for an unforgettable triumph, and the tables set the stage for unbelievable stories that echo through the halls of gaming history. Let’s discover the captivating world of the biggest blackjack winnings.

The MIT Blackjack Team – $50–$100 million

Without contention, the MIT Blackjack Team — a group of students from MIT, Harvard, and other institutions, recorded the biggest blackjack win of all time. For several years, Bill Kaplan, who led a team of about 80 members, employed mathematical strategies in similitude to card counting to beat casinos at blackjack around the world.

During their engagement, they won and estimated of $50 million. However, time didn’t stick the team together for long. They parted ways in the early 2000s. 

Since then, the game of blackjack has experienced growth and has rendered most of its strategies obsolete and feckless.

Kerry Packer – $40 million

Sitting in the second spot is an Australian businessman, Kerry Packer, who in 1991 made an entry in a casino and left with $7 million.

Kerry P’s winning was exciting because he won $40 million shortly after he registered his presence at the Las Vegas MGM Grand. His playing strategy was to maintain a default stake of $250,000 on each round which he repeatedly did for eight hands.

Before Packer’s lifetime ban, he made his mark as one with the fastest winning from blackjack online betting in less than 45 minutes!

Don Johnson – $15.1 million

Unlike the MIT blackjack team, Don Johnson didn’t need to assemble people to form a team to make his biggest blackjack win of a whopping $15.1 million. Due to his affluence, Don J had no problem wagering with a large sum of money. His astonishing mathematical strategies and card nuances brought him so much recognition. His win took center stage for five months, around December 2010. He understood the rules of blackjack, and to make the most of it, he took every opportunity to split a high hand into four to enable him to double his bets. 

Don J incorporated in-depth calculations into his playing style. However, his favorable outcome couldn’t prevent his ban from playing blackjack at live casinos, leaving online casino gaming as his only source of blackjack fun.

Ken Uston – $4.5 million

Ken Uston often earns the title “King of Blackjack Strategy.” His biggest blackjack win didn’t happen from cut and try. His prowess in mathematical strategies helped him win and placed him among those worthy of the Hall of Fame status.

Uston led his team in the ’70s and ’80s around various casinos where they wagered as high as $12,000 per hand. He is believed to have won around $4.5 million. He and his team’s success possibly inspired the formation of the previously mentioned MIT Blackjack Team.

Dana White – $2 million

Dana White was fondly regarded as a man who was winning in blackjack casino games and bowing to controversies. Several times, Dana White was denied his winnings. Repeatedly, he was handed a ban with accusations of card counting. 

After his first ban, Dana returned in 2014 under a new casino manager. Within a space of three months, he managed to record his biggest blackjack win of $2 million. Not long, his wagering stake on bets was slashed from $25,000 to $5,000. This was a result of the dent he had in his reputation.

After a period, Dana was given another casino ban which he believed he got due to his ill personality. 


Blackjack, the leadoff to many online casino games, has made people millionaires for several years. While most of them played with various strategies, some of their stakes were simply housed with luck. However, despite the figures made by these bettors, it is important not to get overwhelmed with gambling aspirations. A little more win can amass to a lot of losses. Hence, as one plays, it is advised to play responsibly.

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