Dealer Diaries: Making Money as a Casino Dealer

Dealer Diaries: Making Money as a Casino Dealer

Casino dealers keep things organized by ensuring every player upholds fair play, but how much does a casino dealer make as wages for such an awesome job? You are probably thinking of making a career out of this, and in such scenarios, questions like “How do I become a casino dealer?”, “Are casino dealers well paid?”, “How much does a casino dealer make?”, or “How do the tips and benefits sum up?” always comes up. Many people become concerned about all these questions, and that’s why this casino news is designed to help explain things.

The Salary Breakdown: How Much Does a Casino Dealer Make?

From the smallest to the most luxurious casino rooms, being a casino dealer is always thrilling but could sometimes be a bugging task as you ought to be laser-sharp. Dealers must attend to players’ needs by ensuring smooth gameplay of the casino games, players are paid when due, and no one cheats! Quite a job! Some casinos may even employ two or more dealers for a single table game to keep the rules rigid. 

If you’d like to start life as a casino dealer, the most sincere answer to this question is that a casino dealer’s salary range can vary based on the location and level of experience. But in most cases, the minimum wage influences the salary range. 

In the United States, for instance, most casinos pay a base salary between $7 and $8 per hour, which could amount to $14,700 to $16,000 annually. More experienced dealers could soar up to over $33,000 to $50,000 annual pay. For a casino dealer in the United Kingdom, the salary earnings of an entry-level would vary between £17,000 and £29,000, a little higher than in the US.

The time the dealer works could also influence the salary ranges, as those mentioned above can only be achieved if the dealer meets the 40-hr per week mark. So, assuming you would skip some hours every day and say you worked an average of 35 hours, your earnings would be considerably less. 

It’s worth noting that answering the question of how much does a casino dealer make, could be somewhat elusive. Some casino dealers gain a good amount of their earnings from tips. These tips may even surpass their annual salary and a very good day. Supposing a player hits a large amount, say $1,014,189, he may tip the dealer in excitement a whopping $14,000. This could be a boost in a casino dealer’s total salary earnings.

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What Are the Factors Influencing a Casino Dealer’s Salary?

Several factors can positively or negatively influence a casino dealer’s salary.

How Much Does a Casino Dealer Make: Location Consideration

The location of the casino establishment may affect a dealer’s salary. A dealer working in a more luxurious casino may see considerable salary income compared to a thriving, small, local casino. Also, if the casino has a regular inflow of players who actively participate in high-stakes games, like in the case of Las Vegas, where casinos are 24-hrs busy, expect a dealer to earn considerably high. 

Dealer’s Experience

You’d expect to see a more skilled dealer with a proven track record in live dealer casinos command higher salaries than an entry-level dealer. Their credibility in handling different casino games and their ability to manage challenging situations would lead to better compensation.

Game Types

The type of games a dealer manages also plays a role. Those overseeing popular or high-stakes games may receive better pay than those handling less lucrative ones. For instance, dealers handling poker, blackjack, and baccarat tables tend to see better tipping from winning players than a SicBo live dealer and some less popular slot machine dealers. 

How Much Does a Casino Dealer Make: Customer Service Skills Dominance

Dealers who excel in creating a positive and enjoyable experience for players tend to receive more generous tips, positively affecting their overall income. Assuming you’re the best live dealer roulette and you’ve honed your skills in creating exciting and thrilling moments for players, making them understand some rules better, and sometimes even giving them strategies to hit a progressive jackpot, your admiration is bound to soar. Players would always want to tip a dealer of such caliber every moment they get those winning bucks.


To determine the average income of a casino dealer, one must consider two dominant factors: the location and the dealer’s experience. Nonetheless, they make a decent income with opportunities for tips. If you want to be a dealer without direct involvement with plates, consider becoming one. You can learn more about live games at Slots Paradise Casino.

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