Spinning Reels and Thundering Hooves: The Racino Experience

Spinning Reels and Thundering Hooves: The Racino Experience

One place where modern wagering began was on horse tracks. As civilization began to take shape, staking on running horses/dogs was one of the most entertaining things, and it was the only primary activity on these tracks. However, time, as always, has changed things. Today, there are gambling establishments called Racinos, where you can place racetrack bets and play typical casino games.

What are racinos, and what would you expect when visiting one? Today’s casino news will answer these questions. 

Betting on Both: The Thrilling World of Racinos

Racinos are gambling establishments offering racetrack betting and some waging over casino games. Race tracks and casinos have operated differently for a long time since they provide two different forms of entertainment. However, the racetrack gambling industry has been steadily declining, hence the introduction of racinos. 

The casino terminology ‘racino’ combines racetrack and casino. Racinos mostly offer slot machines on the side while their racetrack is still the main attraction. This allows players to enjoy the best of two worlds in one place. Table game offers are also gradually emerging as more racinos are established. 

While racinos give players more gaming options at racetracks, they have also been a good business model. This combination attracts live and online casino players to their venue, hoping to get them hooked on racetrack betting. The same goes for their racetrack players, who could pick up interest in casino games. In the long run, this strategy helps them make more money. 

However, some have argued that the model needs to be revised as it doesn’t encourage horse and dog racing industry growth. To them, adding casino products like the roulette game is a lazy way to make more money, destroying the racetrack culture and hindering further innovations.

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Racinos’ History in The US

Racetracks have existed for a long time, and horse racing is a classic sports activity in North America and Europe. The rise of horse racing in the US happened in the 1800s, with Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky taking the first steps. By the 1970s, off-track betting (OTB) made racetracks much more accessible and increased revenue, sharing a betting model similar to the  Virtual Roulette Game.

However, as time passed, OTB saw fewer and fewer players. Many didn’t visit racetracks, and this brought a decline to the industry, which began looking for ways to boost sales again. We saw the first success of a racino in the mid-90s, with Prairie Meadows racetrack in Polk County, Iowa. 

Adopting casino games as part of their services saved them from bankruptcy. They reopened in 1995 after a change of ownership and made over $119.3 million in revenue that year alone. The income generated was also used to upgrade their racetracks, making it all a win-win. 

By 2004, Florida amended their constitution to allow for Rancinos. Currently, racinos are legal in 10 US states: Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Delaware, New Mexico, Maine, West Virginia, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.

From Jockeys to Jackpots

Below are the primary services you should expect to enjoy when you visit a racino. 


Horse or dog racing is the main attraction of racinos and the main thing to expect when you visit. It’s an outdoor sport that gets your heart racing with excitement in no time. Once it’s time to play the game and watch the sport, you’ll be outside watching the horses and hound races.

Casino Games

Since racinos feature casino games, you’ll find enough slot games to play there. With this one, you can participate more in the game’s outcome. You can choose the slot to play and the amount to bet. You then pull the lever and expect a win.


What’s gaming without a bit of loud music and entertainment? At many racinos, you’ll find musicians, comedians, karaoke, and the like. 

Restaurants, Lounge & Bars

Taking cues from casinos, racinos now have various food options and drinks gamers can enjoy.

Betting on the Fast Lane

Racinos are another form of entertainment for gamblers, where they can enjoy racetrack and casino gaming in one place. Newer racinos are also adopting more games to provide more entertainment to players. However, they are not still like casinos. Casinos are more advanced, and they offer various options that, for now, can’t be made available to racinos.

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