Alex Botez: From Pawns to Power Poker Moves

Alex Botez: From Pawns to Power Poker Moves

Have you seen people who seem to excel at anything they engage in and make the impossible look effortless? Individuals who make you think, “How does she do it all?” Well, Alex Botez is such a personality.

Alexandra Botez has a decorated chess career, owns a popular streaming channel with millions of followers, and is a rising poker star. Botez is a Woman FIDE Chess Master, a five-time Canadian National Girls’ Chess Champion, and a one-time U.S. Girls’ National Chess Champion. 

With a peak Elo rating of 2092, Alexandra has established herself as one of her generation’s most talented female chess players. Now, she is walking the poker path, following in the footsteps of famous personalities like Jennifer Shahade, and she is doing well. 

Today’s casino news examines Alex Botez’s life journey and poker achievements since joining the game.

Alex Botez: Brilliance Beyond the Board

Botez was Born into a Romanian family on September 24th, 1995, in Dallas, Texas, but was raised in Vancouver, Canada, by chess-loving parents. Alex’s father introduced her to the game at age six, becoming her first coach and setting her up for her future successes. By age eight (2004), she won her first Canadian National Girls Champion, a title she would claim five times. Botez also became a U.S. Girls National Chess Champion at age 15 after returning to the country.

She won a scholarship to study chess at the University of Texas. However, she declined the offer because she preferred academics over chess. So, she enrolled at Stanford University to study international relations. She joined the chess club and became its first female president, showcasing her leadership skills before graduating in 2017. After graduation, her attention was still fixed on chess, not games like Caribbean Poker.

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A Journey to Stardom

Alex Botez used to play chess online during her years at Stanford University. Recognizing the potential to share her passion for chess and reach a broader audience, she started streaming chess on Twitch in 2016. Due to her entertaining character, she began to gain followers. About 90% of her income at that time came from the platform.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Alex and her sister, Andrea Botez, founded the BotezLive Twitch and YouTube channels. The channel snowballed, with over 650,000 followers in 2021, just about a year after its establishment. She partnered with other famous chess players and streamers like akaNemsko, GMHikaru, and Anna Cramling. Chess reigning champion Magnus Carlsen also collaborated with BotezLive in 2021. 

The channel reveals a lot of cool stuff about chess, which further increases the game’s popularity. Seeing Alex Botez making waves, Envy Gaming, an esports company, decided to collaborate with her. The channel has seen sporadic growth since then, with over 2.8 million followers (1.3 million on Twitch and 1.54 million on YouTube). Likewise, Alex’s fame increased among fans, and she received the Best Chess Streamer Award in 2022.

Alex Botez and Her Poker Career

In 2022, Alex Botez gave attention to table games and became a proper poker player. She started with a good hand in a cash game on Hustler Casino Live, where she bought in for $100,000. The game featured notable players like Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan, and Alan Keating, as well as famous Twitch and YouTubers like MrBeast, Slime, Ninja, and Ludwig. Alex was incredible at the table, winning the giant hand of $456,900. She also won $26,800 at a cash event of these casino games.

Alex Botez entered the live tournament scene in 2023, debuting at a Poker Caribbean Adventure in Nassau. With her excelling skills at running poker, she finished 42nd for $5,200 among 288 entrants in the $2,910 + 390 No Limit Hold ’em Deep Stack event. The following month, Alex performed excellently at the same tournament, winning her first trophy and $10,815 after finishing first among 79 entrants.

At her first WSOP appearance in 2023, she won a cash prize of $17,500 at the 59th tournament event.

Alex Botez promotes chess and poker, encouraging her followers to explore the benefits of both. The two games can be played online, chess and poker game variants like Pai Gow Poker are available.

A Winning Gambit

From chess champion to Twitch and YouTube influencer and now a rising poker lead, Alex Botez has proven she is a force in the gaming sphere. Her legacy as a player and influential character is only set to grow and be used as a role model or casino guide for chess enthusiasts who would like to incur in poker games, as she pushes on and achieves new milestones. GGpoker contacted Alex in March 2024 for an ambassadorship role. She was also featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2023.

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