Drink Table: The Negative Intake of Alcohol in Gaming

Drink Table: The Negative Intake of Alcohol in Gaming

Playing poker can sometimes be mentally exhausting, whether at online casino games or physical games. It worsens when you are just a step away from winning because the game can still surprise you and turn around even at that stage. As a result of the pressure felt while playing this renowned card game, some players often keep a drink close to them. And often, the drink will be an alcoholic one. And, although their reason for doing so is that it will help relieve their tension and boost their spirits, they must remember they’re not at a drink table but in a gaming one where, sometimes, drinking doesn’t help at all. 

Taking alcohol before or while playing, even if it is just a drink table shot, is not as profitable as many may think. Alcohol can affect a player’s game prowess. This casino news article will show how drinking can affect poker gaming. 

Sip in Style at a Sleek Drink Table, Not the Casino Tables

Poker, among many casino game types, is a skill-based game. I.e the more skillful you are, the higher your chances of winning are. Some of the best minds engage in playing poker. However, only a few have mastered staying calm while playing. Getting overwhelmed leads to drinking. 

From a physiological standpoint, drinking alters the central nervous system, which affects cognitive functions. The absorption and distribution of alcohol within the body system is fast, hence its quick effect. So, while playing casino games, the intention might be to quickly gulp down a glass to calm your nerves, but due to the rapid response of the body system to alcohol, it can affect you before you even round up the game. And if this happens, you may lose.

Another property of alcohol is that it can be very addictive. If you continue to take alcohol from the drink table, the brain will master it that every time you feel tense at the gaming table, you take alcohol. With time, the brain will continue to desire that tension relief comes via the intake of alcohol. At this stage, it is not yet an addiction. It becomes an addiction when you can no longer play poker without taking alcohol, but in its absence, you can game properly.

True Tales From the Dealers’ Den 

How Drinking Affects Winning Chances in Poker 

Here are a few effects of drinking alcohol in diverse poker variants, including Trey Poker.

Losing track of your hand values

In poker, every card is important. Your hand combination determines whether you win or lose. Therefore, taking note of the hands you and your opponents have is vital. However, this ability can be lost if you can’t stop gaming without a heavy intake of alcohol from the drink table. Research has shown that very high consumption of alcohol can lead to memory loss over time. If this happens, winning in poker can only be achieved by luck (not a very smart attempt at winning). 

Losing your cool during live sessions

Part of the effect of alcohol is that it can cause aggressiveness. If a player becomes aggressive while playing live, the chances of the online casino hosting the session kicking such a player out are high. And that player might even be cool, and it can simply be the alcohol effect. 

Inconsistent Gameplay

Do you know how people who walk and drink can see mountains as valleys and valleys as mountains? So, it is for poker players. They can take risks when they are not supposed to. I.e., they can play without thinking twice. Sometimes, a casino bonus can be presented, and they just ignore it. And since poker is all about strategy, inconsistency in gameplay can only result in losing. 

The best online gambling session is usually one where you are focused and with a clear objective, limits, and responsibility.


If we could pick just one of the casino tips for beginners, it would be not to drink while playing. The negatives of taking alcohol from the drink table while playing poker are more than the positives. Therefore, a quick tip for beginners is to avoid it better. Play poker today at Slots Paradise Casino to enjoy gaming at its best, responsibly. Use our casino guides section to ensure good learning and gaming sessions.

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