Raymer’s Reign: Dominating the World Series of Poker Main Event

Raymer’s Reign: Dominating the World Series of Poker Main Event

The modern history of poker will only be incomplete with Greg Raymer. He is known not only for his outstanding performance on the tables but also for his intelligent views and opinions on various topics in poker. Transforming from a scholarly career man to a World Series of Poker bracelet winner, Greg Raymer has been a sensational icon in the poker world. 

Since his championship win in 2004, which changed his life completely, he has been a poker player’s advocate and ambassador, speaking in a clear, loud voice and making an indelible impact on the poker world. There are many exciting things to know about Greg Reymer. In today’s casino news, we will start from his early days as a patent lawyer to his uncommon feats in poker.

Greg Raymer: The Poker Man Behind the Sunglasses 

Born in 1964 to an Air Force military man in Minot, North Dakota, Greg Raymer attended Parkway South High School in Manchester, St. Louis, Missouri, where his family finally settled after their relocation streak. 

As a student with a flair for science, he enrolled to study Chemistry at the University of Missouri–Rolla, where he graduated in 1989 with a Master’s in Biochemistry. Greg surprisingly then changed his academic direction. He enrolled in the University of Minnesota Law School. After graduating in 1992, he worked as a patent attorney for years. But Greg found a way to sync all his academic knowledge. 

He worked as a patent lawyer with biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and medical firms for several years before he realized his poker potential. Greg Reymer had learned the basics of poker while in graduate school and played home games and different types of free video poker games with his friends. He played in several casinos, continued to improve his skills, and added the famous cheat sheet poker knowledge to his learned skills. 

Raymer became instantly recognizable in the poker world for his trademark holographic sunglasses, which he wore during tournaments. These glasses, featuring holographic lenses, earned him the nickname “Fossilman”

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Greg Raymer Career: A Road to the 2004 WSOP Event

Raymer started playing in tournaments in 1996. He cashed out big in several events, including the World Poker Finals, before he featured in his first World Series of Poker in 2001, where he finished 12th.

In 2004, during the poker boom period, Greg Raymer was among the qualifiers for the 35th WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas. He was utterly unknown during this period, and little did he know he would soon become a poker superstar.

Long into the $10,000 World Championship Event, this amateur poker player was still holding on tight, outlasting several professional players into the final round. He came out victorious against David Williams in the last round to win the WSOP bracelet and a 5 million dollar prize, which was the biggest in poker history then. Unlike the game of Badugi Poker, the popular no-limit Texas Hold ’em (NLHE) is regularly played in these games.

This victory earned Greg Raymer overnight fame, as he had just won the highly coveted WSOP championship award. His fame spread across all sectors of the poker world. He continued to cash out in different events until the next WSOP Championship Event in 2005. He finished 25th to win 304,680 dollars in prizes; that’s good enough.

Raymer has continued to win big in several events since then. In 2009, he finished third and won $774,927 in the $40,000 No Limit Hold ’em at the 40th Anniversary of the WSOP 2009, Las Vegas. He has a total live tournament earnings of $8,205,738 and has cashed out 48 times in the WSOP.

Impact on the Poker World

Greg has helped popularize poker and made it more accessible to others. He has demonstrated that it is a game for high rollers and a pastime for many others who love casino games, increasing its popularity.

The most significant part of Greg’s career is his advocacy for poker as a sport and game of skill. 

He has been standing as an ambassador and a powerful voice for poker, putting his earlier career to work in the poker world, and making apparent transformations in the skill and political aspects of the industry. He has canvassed for the regulation of poker for long, fighting for its removal from being categorized as gambling.

Featured in numerous magazines, TV shows, and other media outlets, Greg Raymer has used his success to shape and impact the poker world. He has taught the essence of poker games to other players and given numerous enlightening talks on matters and topics that have arisen in poker. 

He has a training school, the “Fossilman Poker Training”, where he teaches the art and science of poker, including strategies in variants like Omaha, Texas Hold ’em, Seven-Card Stud, Wild Texas Poker, and other variations.

In addition, Greg has authored a book titled In June 2019, his book “Fossilman’s Winning Tournament Strategies,” published in June 2019.


Greg Raymer has shown a rare dedication to the game of poker, and he continues to stretch his reach and inspire countless players, both amateurs and pro players. He continues to yearn for another big win and keeps working towards it.

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