Sarah Herzali’s Shy Triumph at the 2023 WSOP

Sarah Herzali’s Shy Triumph at the 2023 WSOP

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has always seen numerous poker players worldwide storm the event to participate. It takes place every year, welcoming the best male and female players for a chance to win the grand prize. And every poker tournament comes with an overwhelming highlight. In the 2023 WSOP, Sarah Herzali was the show’s star, as she almost became the first-ever female to win the tournament. She ranked third among the winners, which is incredible. Read on as we further detail Sarah shy winning moments in today’s casino news.

Herzali Sarah, a Shy Turnaround Poker Moment

The 2023 WSOP was spectacular. The female poker players were phenomenal and gave us many of the best online gambling experiences to watch in an event like this. The tournament had 2,454 players and a total prize pool of $3,276,090. Although notable female players like Robbi Jade Lew were not present, the ones who participated came within striking distance of winning a bracelet.

At first, many thought Kristen Foxen would win it. However, she came in 7th in event 6, $5,000 Mixed No-Limit, to win a whopping $69,683. She later finished 12th in event 16, $25,000 High Roller, and won an additional $79,335.

In the tournament’s heat, all eyes turned to Sarah Herzali. For a second, poker fans wondered if she would become the first female WSOP champion in 2023. She made a deep run in Event #15: $1,500 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’em. Though she finished third, she earned a career-high prize of $207,720. She remains the deepest runner among poker women players at the concluded WSOP.

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Sarah Herzali’s Fascinating Poker Journey

In an interview after the tournament, Herzali briefly explained how she started poker. She said she started playing poker in cash casino games in southern France. “After putting in a lot of time in cash games, I was sponsored to play in more events.” 

Cash games served as her initial introduction to the game, and truly, they are a great way to learn the game, accompanied by a poker cheat sheet. Even after sponsorships stopped, she continued competing in events. Herzali won her first tournament cash in 2009, placing fourth at a Partouche Poker Tour event and taking home $4,132. 

When asked how often she attends the WSOP summer series, Herzali said, “Almost every year.” She had strong showings in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker in 2019 (ending 561st for $24,560) and 2022 (finishing 314th for $40,900).

Sarah Found Love In Her Poker Journey

Sarah Herzali spoke about meeting her husband during her poker travels and escapades. She said she met her husband, a French poker player, Tom Jarry, at a tournament in the Bahamas a few years ago. “He was commentating for partypoker.” She said.

A few years later, Jarry was in Las Vegas to watch his wife compete in her first WSOP final table. When asked what he likes most about his wife’s poker play, he answered, “She’s just really good. She’s exceptional and patient. Overall, she’s competent and has put in a lot of study time over the past few years.”

Sarah Shy Winning Moments: Huge Fan Support 

Sarah Herzali received so much support from her husband and many fans who loved the idea of a woman winning a bracelet. Over a dozen French poker players were rooting for Herzali during the $1,500 6-handed game, making it the rowdiest rail of the summer. 

When asked about what she thought of the support she got, she said that it was simply incredible and enjoyable. Herzali’s fans cheered for her when she hit a straight flush on Day 3 after checking the river. However, she didn’t get the Texas Holdem hands she hoped for. She said, “I hoped a bluff or an ace-high flush would bet.” She eventually came in 3rd, with Reis as the event winner.

Herzali commented, “I’m really happy about my participation and how everything went well. And I came in third, so that makes me really happy. I have no regrets.”

Final Thoughts 

The WSOP is one of the biggest tournaments in the world of poker. It sees several players come together to win large cash prizes and battle in some Wild Texas poker games. Sarah Herzali has raised the bar high, and we hope to see many more female poker players achieving more extraordinary things. 

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