Seventeen in Roulette, the Secret Sauce for a Dash of Luck

Seventeen in Roulette, the Secret Sauce for a Dash of Luck

Frequent American Roulette players notice a common trend: many fellow players prefer placing bets on the number 17. But then, have you ever wondered why? 17 is an ordinary number, so what makes it special in roulette? 

The roulette tables and iconic characters like James Bond and Ashley often feature the legendary number 17, associated with luck. For some, the number 17 holds a superstitious belief about being fortunate. Others associate it with either being a hot or cold number. 

So, let’s find out if the superstitions and cultural claims surrounding this number are true, in today’s casino news.

Number 17: The Number That Whispers Promises of Success

In Roulette, still one of the top casino games in a live casino setting, each number on the wheel doesn’t necessarily have a specific meaning attached to its existence. Still, certain superstitious and personal beliefs have linked certain numbers to being attributed with luck. Players often favor number 17 in roulette bets, considering it a hot number bet due to its frequent occurrence. Common hot numbers include 1, 20, and 17.

Considering numbers as hot doesn’t ensure their frequent appearance. Roulette outcomes are unpredictable, adding an element of chance to each roll. Tracking roulette wins is challenging, given the vast number of possibilities. Daily, thousands, if not millions, of numbers emerge as winners. Once a player has found a winning number, he sticks with it, using smaller bets to make consistent cashouts.

However, the effectiveness of these strategies is limited, as most roulette casino games or variants maintain a consistent house edge, offering few opportunities for significant advantage.

Also, certain traditions, cultures, and personal experiences may influence the existence of these numbers. Sometimes, it could be the case of one’s birthday; in another scenario, it’s getting acquainted with some religious beliefs. For instance, Zoroaster wrote 17 chapters in Zoroastrianism, while Muslims performed 17 rak’ahs daily during Salat. Furthermore, St. Patrick’s Day is usually observed on March 17th to commemorate the death of Ireland’s patron saint. 

Norway celebrates Constitution Day on May 17th, marking independence from Denmark in 1814. South Korea also marks its Constitution Day on July 17th. These diverse cultural, religious, and historical connections contribute to the popularity of choosing 17 in a free roulette game and even in a real money game.

Unmasking the Secrets of the Gambling World

Number 17 Popularity: Common Cultural Representation on the Roulette Wheel

The number 17 carries varied meanings across cultures and mystical practices, and here’s what you need to know before choosing it for online roulette games.

In Italian culture, the number 17 is tagged unlucky due to the rearrangement of the Roman numeral XVII, spelling “VIXI,” meaning “I have lived” or “I am dead.” Conversely, in some East Asian cultures, particularly Mandarin, the pronunciation of 17 sounds like “definitely will prosper,” associating it with good fortune.

Numerology views 17 as a blend of spiritual and material elements—combining qualities like leadership, independence, and intuition. According to this belief system, individuals born on the 17th may be inclined to take risks and dream of wealth, especially if their first initial is A, J, or S.

In Tarot, the 17th card, “The Star,” symbolizes hope and inspiration. This card is associated with the 7th planet Uranus and the Aquarius zodiac sign. It depicts a woman sitting at a balance between water and land, pouring water into a pool and onto the land, signifying a harmony between spiritual and material realms. 

So, whether viewed through cultural superstitions, numerology, or Tarot symbolism, 17 emerges as a figure with diverse interpretations, encompassing both cosmic significance and cultural beliefs often associated with good luck.


In roulette, 17 emerges as both a mystery and a charm. Whether it’s the thrill of chance or the allure of superstition, players find themselves drawn to this particular digit. As the wheel spins, anticipation hangs in the air, creating a unique atmosphere of excitement. Whether 17 brings fortune or a lesson in probability, the roulette table remains a captivating arena where luck meets uncertainty. So follow your intuition when you next play at a legal online casino where you can win and cash out your winnings, the best is always Slots Paradise Casino.

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