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Get Your Hooves on Massive Wins With the Buffalo Slot Machine

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Online slots come with many entertaining features. And for the furtherance of fun, the features double when there are variations of a machine but of the same theme. The Buffalo slot machine is a good example.

The first version of Buffalo Slot was released in 2008 and online in 2012. Since then, it has come a long way. In fact, in honor of the Buffalo slot machine’s 10th anniversary, Las Vegas casinos unveiled a ‘Diamond’ edition with a 4k display in 2018. The game also became another significant hit. 

In 2023, Buffalo Slots are a common choice among players who love slots. In this casino news, we will highlight the different themes and variations of this game.

Buffalo Slot Machine: Where the Wild Wins Roam

The Buffalo Slot Machine was a 100% land-based machine designed by aristocrats and considered one of the top casino slot games back in the day. But the story behind the development of this machine will interest you. 

There is an animal named Bison, which has a unique history in some cultures. The American Indians’ lifestyles relied heavily on bison for food, clothing, shelter, jewelry, rituals, tools, etc. Its use was diverse. However, the communities were wiped out, and the animals were hunted to the point of extinction in the 1800s. 

Therefore, to play a significant role in Native American mythology and folklore, Aristocrats decided to strengthen the remembrance of the bison through gaming. They were the first to see the potential for an animal theme game centered on the bison. However, it was named the Buffalo Slot because, in the US, Bisons are called Buffalos.

Over the years, various versions of buffalo slot machines have been developed in line with the original. They are primarily quick hit slots free coins games. 

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A Buffalo Slot Machine Variety

Below are some types of slot machines based on the Buffalo slot machine that have made it to online casinos.  

A Brilliant Buffalo Slot Machine: Buffalo Gold

Buffalo Gold is one of the most played variations of the Buffalo slot machine casino games. One of its appealing features is a low stake for a high payout. 

With about 40 cents bet on a spin, you can win a significant sum in the bonus game. Line up 15 golden Buffalo symbols during the bonus spins, then keep the bonus round going by retriggering the game. 

Buffalo Gold is fun to play. There is no difference in mathematical complexity between this variation and the original game.

Buffalo Stampede

After a few days of its release, Buffalo Stampede stands out as being just as entertaining as the original game. Although it costs at least 70 cents per spin to play, its extra features make up for it.

Stampede has cool features like the ones you’ll find in the Joker Slot game. One of them involves the Buffalo charging headfirst toward the viewer. It looks like it is emerging from the screen and lashing at them with their lassoes. 

Furthermore, another excellent effect occurs when the buffaloes gallop vertically upward from the bottom of the screen. As they do so, the number of rows increases, increasing the potential for payouts across a frenziedly high number of lines. It offers free spins and retriggering features you would love.

Other Versions of Buffalo-Themed Slots

There have been a few more variants of Buffalo that have come out apart from those two highly successful games that also made it to the online casino environment. 

Buffalo Chiefs

The unique advantage of this buffalo slot machine is that there is an addition of more volatility. Theoretically, it should help players to determine their winning odds. 

Buffalo High-Limit

Wager more and win more is the tagline of this online slots real money game. This buffalo slot machine is packed with not just one max bet option but multiple. 

Buffalo Max

Many players are not aware of this variant, but this buffalo slot machine rewards players for increasing their wagers. If you want to wager less, there are better options than this one.


Buffalo slot machine games are sequel games with numerous features. They offer many exciting features you can enjoy. It’s a game for regular slot players and high rollers. Get into the game to see for yourself why it is one of the most popular online slots.

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