4 Most Popular Mexican Card Games

4 Most Popular Mexican Card Games

Card games have always been cherished in Mexico as they offer a unique blend of entertainment, strategy, and cultural significance. In most parts of the world, during card gameplay, it is expected to see the standard deck of 52. But Mexican card games use a traditional Spanish deck of cards instead. 

A Spanish deck of cards contains forty cards containing ten of each suit, clubs, coins, swords, and cups. However, some other Mexican games require a standard 52-card deck.

In this casino news, we’ll explore the most popular Mexican card games and their rich history. We will also mention the generalities that make them an integral part of Mexican culture.

Mexican Card Games: A Rich History of Games

Playing cards originated in China during the 12th century but were brought to the West through trade and colonization. Mexico’s history of card games is quite long. It dates back to the colonial period in the 16th century when Spanish settlers introduced playing cards. The exact origins of Mexican card games are unclear, but we believe the Spanish card games greatly influenced it. Over the years, these casino games have evolved and embodied indigenous cultural elements, resulting in a unique Mexican card-playing tradition.

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Generalities of Mexican Card Games

Mexican card games are deeply rooted in the country’s social and cultural fabric, so in most cases, these games are played in a relaxed and social setting with friends and family as many of our top casino games. Aside from card games, players can also transition from card games to dice games to help players who want to learn how to play dice games. For children who are not old enough to play card games, they can learn how to play Battleship, which is an exciting card game, too.

4 Most Popular Mexican Card Games

Below are some of the card games popularly played by the Mexicans.


First on the list of Mexican card games is the card game of Conquian. Players familiar with the western Rummy card will find Conquain easy to play as the rules for playing are similar. 

In the Conquain game, a 40-card deck or a standard 52-card deck, excluding the 8s, 9s, and 10s, is used. The goal of playing Conquain is to meld eleven cards, which you do by playing out different combinations.

The dealer deals each player ten cards, while the remaining cards serve as the stock. Players create the melds from the top card of the stock. Once the player uses all of their cards, they win the game.


Although Manilla originates from Spain, it was influenced by a 19th-century French game called Manille. To play this Mexican card game, we require four players to be split into couples. It is a game that involves point-tricking to play. With the number 7 having the most points, the other card is worth a different amount of points.

Manilla requires a standard Spanish deck of 40 cards. The dealer deals cards to every player and leads the first trick. If possible, each player counters the dealer’s move with a card following suit. Whoever ends up with the highest point number ends up as the winner.

La Loteria

The Spanish word for “Lottery” is Loteria, although it is not similar in playing style to the lottery you might think of. Instead, it is identical to the playing style of Bingo and can be said to be the equivalent of Bingo. La Loteria requires a 54-card deck with colorful images to play. The singer, a player, will draw a card from the deck and announce it to the players while other players mark the card on their boards if it’s there. And just like Bingo, where you complete horizontal, vertical, square, and diagonal patterns, it is similar.

Mexican Poker

Another on the list of most popular Mexican card games is the Mexican Poker. It uses a 41-card deck with the 8s, 9s, and 10s removed. The dealer deals each player five cards, with one card facing down. 

In phases, players take turns placing bets while ensuring one card keeps facing down throughout the game. The reason is to add a layer of risk each time a player raises the stake. 

This game is a variation of traditional poker that accommodates three or more players, so it can also be considered one of the 3 player card games.

Similar Games from Around the World

While these Mexican card games have what makes them unique, they share similarities with other online casino games worldwide. For example, La Loteria is similar to Bingo, while Manilla is similar to several trick-taking games. These similarities are Bingo style, deck variation, social and family traditions, cultural elements, strategy, etc.

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Mexican card games are not only about winning but also about enjoying the process and memories they create. They give insight into the country’s rich history, culture, and love for social interaction. Irrespective of where they are played, these games are always cherished as a part of Mexican tradition that brings people together in the spirit of fun.

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