Air Combat 1942 Game by KA Gaming

Air Combat 1942 Game by KA Gaming

A battle awaits in the Air Combat 1942 Game, developed by KA Gaming. This multiplayer game allows you to take control of a fighting plane and engage in gripping dogfights and boss battles that lead to 388x multiplier wins. With three gameplay modes, it caters to various betting preferences so all our members can get in on the action.

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How to Play Air Combat 1942 Game

Take to the skies after learning how to play the Air Combat 1942 Game!

Begin by customizing your betting range with Bronze, Silver, or Gold modes. Once the game starts, you must drag and click to move your plane around and engage the enemy. 

Next, set the strength of your weapons by adjusting your bet size using the “-” and “+” buttons at the bottom of the screen.

To the bottom left of the screen, you can choose “Lock” to pick a particular target, “Auto” to have your plane fire automatically, or “Paytable” to learn more about the Air Combat 1942 game.

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Air Combat 1942 Game RTP and Variance

At the time of writing this Air Combat 1942 review, there is no official information from KA Gaming on the RTP or variance, unlike other games where such details are typically provided.

The game’s mathematics can significantly influence the outcome of your winning opportunities. Check our casino guides to learn more about RTP, and Variance.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Place your bets in Air Combat 1942 online, where you can wager as little as $1 or go all-in with stakes of up to $10.

Boss88x to 388x
Plane 160x
Boat 140x
Boat 230x
Plane 235x
Boat 330x
Boat 420x
Plane 318x
Plane 415x
Plane 512x
Boat 510x
Plane 6 9x
Plane 78x
Plane 87x
Plane 96x
Plane 105x
Plane 115x
Plane 124x
Plane 133x
Plane 143x
Plane 152x
Plane 162x

Air Combat 1942 Game Bonus Features

In Air Combat 1942, missed shots bounce off the screen, inflicting damage and intensifying the excitement. The game introduces three unique events to enrich the gameplay: the Nuclear Bomb, obliterating all enemy planes and boats in its blast radius; Free Shooting, providing free ammunition for a limited time; and Speed Up, allowing you to fire at speeds 10x to 50x faster.

Symbols and Gameplay

Enemy planes are the primary focus of confrontation and reward in Air Combat 1942. Each enemy plane represents a formidable adversary, and engaging with them is at the core of the gameplay. From nimble fighter planes to hulking bombers, each enemy plane signifies a unique challenge and an opportunity for victory.

The gameplay revolves around skillfully maneuvering your aircraft to target and engage these enemy planes in intense dogfights. The game’s dynamics keep players on their toes, with missed shots bouncing off the screen and still causing damage.


Air Combat 1942 is one of those casino games you aren’t sure about until you play it and discover how fun it is! This exciting shooting game offers various betting modes and events, such as boss encounters that reward impressively. There is a free spins-type round where free shots and a win multiplier are the rewards for collecting a jerry can.

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Air Combat 1942 Game FAQs

What Is The Speed Up Event?

This event allows you to shoot at speeds 10x to 50x faster.

Are There Any Boss Battles In The Air Combat 1942 Game?

Yes, you can engage in thrilling boss battles, providing unique challenges and rewards.

What Happens If I Miss A Shot In The Air Combat 1942 Game?

Missed shots bounce off the screen’s edge, still causing damage to enemies.

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