Alter World Game by KA Gaming

Our Alter World Game review shows that KA Gaming has worked hard to deliver a fun gaming session. Set against an extraterrestrial invasion backdrop, players choose from rooms with varying stakes (low, medium, high) to defend the planet. This captivating arcade-style shooter game challenges you to repel alien attacks, trigger rocket bombs, and freeze foes for enhanced firepower. With a whopping 368x multiplier, Alter World promises an immersive experience with limitless max wins.

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How to Play the Alter World Game

Like many of our game reviews, we will show you how to play the Alter World Game: Kickstart your journey by selecting your betting range from Bronze, Silver, or Gold modes. Once you’re in the game, employ drag-and-click controls to move your crosshairs around and engage enemies.

Enhance your firepower by adjusting your bet size using the “-” and “+” buttons on the screens. Furthermore, choose from options like “Lock” to select a specific target, “Auto” for automatic firing, or “i” to access the paytable for the Alter World game.

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Alter World Game RTP and Variance

Alter World boasts a 96% RTP rate, similar to other games from KA Gaming, ensuring fair odds and consistent payouts in its alien-themed adventure. Its medium to high volatility balances steady wins with exciting surprises, making it an attractive choice for players who enjoy action-packed gameplay and rewarding experiences.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Play the Alter World online and take your chances with bets starting at $1 and going as high as $10.

Blue Dragon88x to 368x
Blue/Red Dragon88x to 368x
Alien50x to 80x
Phoenix30x to 60x
Manta Ray25x
Blue Fish20x
Yellow Squid15x
Striped Fish12x
Zebra Fish8x
Red Fish5x
Blue/Yellow Fish3x
Little Fish2x

Alter World Game Bonus Features

In Alter World Game, you’ll find exciting features that make the game more engaging. 

The Money Bag can randomly reward you with up to 50x your initial bet and freeze all on-screen enemies, giving you an advantage. Also, the Rocket Bomb is all about explosive fun, as it randomly takes out groups of aliens. The Iron Fish offers potential payouts of up to 50x your bet while increasing your shooting speed, making it easier to tackle alien invaders.

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Symbols and Gameplay

In Alter World, high-paying symbols like the Blue Dragon and Blue/Red Dragon offer a maximum payout of 368x your bet, providing the potential for significant wins. Meanwhile, low-paying symbols award payouts from 2x to 25x, which can still deliver rewarding payouts.


Alter World offers an exciting arcade-style gaming experience with unique symbols and gameplay. Whether you’re chasing big wins with high-paying symbols or enjoying smaller victories with low-paying ones, this game keeps the entertainment flowing. Visually, the slot is impressive, especially with the detail in the colorful aliens. It’s a game that caters to both risk-takers and those seeking a more casual gaming session. 

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Alter World Game FAQs

What Are The High-Paying Symbols In The Alter World Game?

High-paying symbols include the Blue Dragon and Blue/Red Dragon, with the potential for maximum payouts of 368x your bet.

Are There Different Game Modes In The Alter World Game?

Alter World offers Bronze, Silver, and Gold modes to cater to various betting preferences.

What Are The Bonus Features In Alter World?

Alter World offers features like the Money Bag, Rocket Bomb, and Iron Fish.

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