Fishing Expedition Casino Game

Grab your fishing rod and head out to the lake in the Fishing Expedition casino game by KA Gaming. This charming game will immerse you in the emotions of the fisherman as you cast your line in hopes of hooking fish worth up to $100,000. The only reels here are the ones on your rod, so the gameplay is unique, and you could be reeling in various lake junk items.

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Fishing Expedition RTP and Variance

In fishing, there is no telling if the fish will bite, which could lead to a bit of frustration, as demonstrated by the old man in the Fishing Expedition casino game. And since there are no associated RTP or variance values, players might feel the same.

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Fishing Expedition Bonus Features

While playing the Fishing Expedition game online might be a little different from your typical fishing excursion, the fun is not. You will not find any features or special symbols in this game to distract you from your ultimate catch.

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Fishing Expedition Casino Game’s Symbols and Gameplay

In the Fishing Expedition casino game, the symbols range from aquatic creatures to discarded objects. The highest-paying symbol is the Shark, which can net you a whopping $100,000 at the maximum bet. 

The Swordfish follows closely behind, offering a potential reward of up to $40,000. The Pink Fish is also quite lucrative, with a possible reward of $20,000. The Blue Fish, Angel Fish, Rhino Tang, and Purple Fish are the mid-level symbols, each offering various rewards ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

Interestingly, you can still win with non-valuable symbols, such as an old Boot, a discarded Can, a worn-out Tire, or an empty Bottle.

How to Play Fishing Expedition Casino Game

Let’s dive in and learn how to play Fishing Expedition Casino Game like a pro!

To start with, you can customize your bet size with ease by tapping the “New Bet” button. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go for the “Max Bet” button to experience a high-risk ride.

In case you want to sit back and relax, activate “Auto-Play” by holding down the “Spin” button. You can watch up to 200 rounds unfold right in front of your eyes.

Take a moment to check out the game rules and paytable. You can find the “i” icon tucked away in the bottom right corner of the Fishing Expedition casino game.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins in the Fishing Expedition Casino Game

The Fishing Expedition casino game has got you covered with a wide range of betting options, starting from $0.50 and going all the way up to a staggering $2,000 per cast. 

The payouts are based on a bet of $2,000.

Symbol1 Catch
Pink Fish20,000
Blue Fish10,000
Angel Fish4,000
Rhino Tang2,000
Purple Fish1,000
Clown Fish600


This game will have you falling hook, line, and sinker for its effortless gameplay and huge rewards of up to $100,000. This lively game has stunning graphics and fun sounds as the fisherman whoops, cheers, and shows his frustration.

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Fishing Expedition FAQs

What Are The Features Of The Fishing Expedition Casino Game?

Fishing Expedition doesn’t have any classic features like paylines and reels. Instead, players need to catch fish to win, and each win is multiplied by the bet per rod.

How Many Symbols Are In The Fishing Expedition Casino Game?

There are 12 symbols in Fishing Expedition, including 8 different types of fish and marine animals, as well as 4 discarded objects like a Tire, Can, Boot, and Bottle.

Which Is The Highest-Paying Symbol In Fishing Expedition?

The Shark is the highest-paying symbol in Fishing Expedition, offering a potential reward of $100,000 at the maximum bet.

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