Four Aces Game by Evoplay Entertaiment

Four Aces Game by Evoplay Entertaiment

Evoplay Entertainment built the Four Aces game with a few obvious elements in mind. Firstly, the developer has made it easy to learn how to play while ensuring it is suitable for players of all experience levels. Secondly, the variance and subsequent potential payouts are customizable, as we will soon explain.

Finally, it’s a game that utilizes pure chance to keep you guessing! That’s right, there’s no skill or strategy to implement to turn the tide in your favor. But then again, don’t we all love the element of the unknown when it comes to casino games?

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How to Play the Four Aces Game

So, how do you play the Four Aces game? Its main feature is the presentation of four cards from different suits, a variation from the usual five-card fold found in most free video poker games. In this game, however, you only see the backs of these cards. You have the option to choose between 1 and 3 suits on the main screen, and selecting more suits enhances your winning odds.

On that note, you only win if you select a card that matches your chosen suits. Do this successfully and you will get a return that matches the corresponding multiplier—1.28x, 1.92x, or 3.84x.

All the details are here, in this Four Aces game review, but you can find more information on the Four Aces game online via the “?” icon.

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Four Aces Game RTP and Variance

This game presents consistent value with an RTP of 96%, aligning with the average for Evoplay Entertainment’s other games. Its variance is flexible, changing according to your chosen wagers.

Discover the impact of RTP and Variance on your gaming experience in our online casino guide section.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

This game offers a wide betting range, starting from $0.10 up to $100, catering to various risk tolerances. Of course, payouts are proportionate to the bet size.

One Suit1.28x
Two Suits1.92x
Three Suits3.84x

Four Aces Game Bonus Features

You’ve no doubt realized at this point that the overall appeal of the Four Aces game is its simplicity. But in the bonus department, simplicity doesn’t work in the game’s favor, as there are zero bonuses to be found. Understandably, this might be disappointing if you are someone who adores creative features.

Symbols and Gameplay

The quality of graphics and visuals in this game is excellent. While the display of four cards might be somewhat static, the game still delivers an explosion of color which is accompanied by engaging music. These subtle inclusions keep the game both vibrant and immersive, and you’ve got to love the little jingles that follow a winning round!


The key takeaways from the Four Aces review are that the game is valuable, stimulating, and simple. Of course, these are elements that you might consider critical for a fun experience, while others might be looking for something more. If decent rewards and quick-fire rounds rank highly on your list of essentials, the Four Aces game is well worth trying.

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Four Aces Game FAQs

Do I Have To Play With The Sound Effects Turned On?

Not at all. While many players like to keep the sound effects on for a more immersive experience, they can be turned off at any point.

What Is The Best Strategy In This Game?

There is no “best strategy” to be honest. Therefore, whether you choose to play with 1, 2, or 3 suits simply comes down to your desired payouts.

Do I Control The Speed Of The Game?

Yes. Each round is played only when you click one of the four cards. Of course, this is done once you’ve selected the bet size and number of suits.

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