Goblin Run Casino Game

Evoplay Entertainment has built a great reputation for developing video online slots, but the Goblin Run casino game gives us something completely different. In this rather stunning game, there are no reels, no rows, and no slot-spinning required. So, what exactly is this game?

This title is a progressive crash game, which means the multipliers and subsequent payouts improve the longer the round lasts. In this case, it’s all about how far along the chamber the goblins will get while avoiding the menacing dragon. It really is great fun.

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Goblin Run Casino Game RTP and Variance

This game has a fixed RTP of 96.00%, which is pretty good for a game of this format. However, because of the way it functions, there is no exact variance.

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Goblin Run Game Bonus Features

Unlike some of the most popular games showcased in our casino guides, this one doesn’t have any Bonus Games. But if you want to keep things fresh, you can alternate between a range of different goblin characters. Additionally, you can place two bets by backing two different goblins in the same round.

Symbols and Gameplay

With 3D visuals, vibrant aesthetics, and dramatic theme music as the goblins attempt to escape, it’s easy to see why this one is a hit. Furthermore, there is always a heightened sense of anticipation with this game. Since each round will have a different crash point from the next, the Goblin Run casino game is a nail-biting thriller.

How to Play the Goblin Run Casino Game

The general objective In the Goblin Run casino game is to try and escape the fiery lair of a mythical dragon. And to engage in an escape round, you have to get your wager staked before everything kicks off. There is a countdown timer to help you judge this, and bet sizes are clearly listed below the main screen.

Once you’ve placed your bet and the action begins, your job isn’t finished. In fact, it’s only the beginning. When the goblins start charging, you need to monitor the multiplier and associated payout. That’s because you can cash out the value accumulated at any point, which is what makes this game such great fun.

Since the Goblin Run game is unique, we suggest tapping the “?” icon to read through the rules and features before you play.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

To get a taste of the Goblin Run game online, you have to bet at least $1. If you’re feeling adventurous, however, you can stake up to $750 per round. Of course, your potential payouts are calculated based on your wager size, so keep this in mind and remember that it’s all relative.

As for the possible rewards, the top prize is worth 1000x your wager. To win this, your goblins must make it all the way through the chamber. In contrast, the multipliers start at 1x when the round begins and they will get progressively larger. 

The catch is that you’ll only get the respective payout if you cash out the accumulated value.


If you’ve yet to play a game with this format, you’ve got to try the Goblin Run casino game. And even if you are experienced with these casino games, we feel that this one might evolve to become one of your favorites rather quickly. To discover whether this will be the case, you’ve got to sign up now and give it a try.

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Goblin Run Casino Game FAQs

How Do I Know Where The Crash Point Will Be?

You don’t, and that’s precisely why the game is so enjoyable.

What Are The Chances That There Will Be An Instant Crash?

The chance of an instant crash is 1 in 51.

What Is The House Edge Of This Game?

Since the RTP for this game is 96%, the house edge is 4%. This is very competitive compared to other games of this style.

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