Goleada Millonaria Casino Game

Are you a fan of soccer? If so, the Goleada Millonaria casino game may just stimulate your online gaming appetite. This cleverly produced title from Vibra Gaming uses the progressive crash format. And the objective here is to pass the ball up the field while avoiding the other team intercepting it.

If you’re able to do that, the multipliers will keep rising, and you can cash out the accumulated prize pool at any time. However, given that the opposing interceptions are random, you won’t know precisely when to cash out and when to keep going. This element of the unknown is what makes this game a classic.

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Goleada Millonaria Casino Game RTP and Variance

Vibra Gaming has assigned an RTP value to this one, and it is set at 89.99%. This is a bit lower than similar games presented in our casino guides, but with such large payouts on offer, this is somewhat expected. As for the variance, there is no precise figure for this metric.

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Goleada Millonaria Game Bonus Features

During both halves, one member of your team will operate as the “Secret Player”. Since he is a secret, you obviously don’t know who it is. But if you make a successful pass to him, you’ll trigger the Bonus Round where you can take either a free-kick or a penalty shot.

If you score, the respective multiplier is added to your cumulative total.

Symbols and Gameplay

Regarding symbols, it’s all about the chosen teams and associated players. And since you must make your way up the field, the gameplay is fixed on this progression. We like the option of picking where to pass the ball, and the aforementioned Bonus Round is also a welcome addition.

How to Play the Goleada Millonaria Casino Game

When you first enter the Goleada Millonaria Casino Game, you’ll need to pick a team to play with. Your options include teams like Brazil, Argentina, and many others. As for which one you should pick, it is purely a matter of personal preference and has no bearing on your possible returns.

Once you have chosen your team, the game will begin. It’s played in two halves, and you must pick from various passing positions to move the ball up the field. If your player receives the pass, the multiplier will increase along with the cash pool. But if the opponents steal the ball, you “crash”, and the round is over.

Make sure you tap the “?” icon for extra gameplay information.

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Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Goleada Millonaria game has a very reasonable betting range, in our opinion. You can engage in a round for just $0.10, but to go for the biggest payouts on offer, you can wager $200 per game. Of course, the maximum bet should only be explored if you can realistically afford to do so.

As for the potential payouts, they are not fixed and can vary greatly. But what we can confirm is that the multipliers will keep rising as you continue to make successful passes up the field. Should you produce an absolutely flawless performance, the maximum return is 18,124x your stake.


The Goleada Millonaria casino game is purpose-built to provide soccer fans with an ideal, progressive crash title. Sample this game by signing up now.

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Goleada Millonaria Casino Game FAQs

At What Point Can The Opposing Team Intercept The Pass?

This can happen at any point, including on your first pass.

Can I Play This Game On My Phone?

Yes. The Goleada Millonaria casino game is well equipped to handle mobile play due to the integrated HTML5 technology.

How Do I Collect The Cash?

Easy, you hit the “Collect” tab, indicated by the Golden Trophy symbol.

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