Heads & Tails Casino Game

The name of this simple yet exciting title by Evoplay Entertainment is a bit of a giveaway. As you’ve no doubt realized, the goal in the Heads & Tails casino game is to toss a coin and pick either Heads or Tails. If you are correct, a payout of 1.92x will be added to your balance. 

Should you be wrong, however, the wager is lost and you’ll need to come back for more to reverse your fortunes. See, we told you the game was simple. But this simplicity is what makes the Heads & Tails casino game a suitable choice for players of all experience levels.

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Heads & Tails Casino Game RTP and Variance

Usually, Evoplay Entertainment is quite forthcoming when supplying metrics for its casino games. In this case, there is no variance rating or RTP. Then again, each round operates as a standard coin flip, so you have a good idea of what to expect.

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Heads & Tails Game Bonus Features

It goes without saying that the respective outcomes in the Heads & Tails game online are not overly varied. So while the mechanics of this title are simple and extremely user-friendly, there are no creative features. Therefore, this game doesn’t actually have any features that you can unlock.

Symbols and Gameplay

The main focus of this game is the golden coin that dictates your destiny. Both the Heads and Tails are based on the warrior theme. This is reflected by the armored warrior that doubles up as the Heads side of the coin and the orc-like symbol as the Tails side. 

As for the general gameplay, it’s quite cool when the coin leaps into the air and spins around before producing a precise outcome. And because the game is silent (besides the sound effects of the coin getting flipped), the atmosphere is quite suspenseful.

How to Play the Heads & Tails Casino Game 

Casino gaming doesn’t get much easier than this. Once you pull up this somewhat fiery environment and lay eyes on the golden coin, the fun can officially begin. But before you make your choice of the Heads or Tails Caisno Game, you must adjust the bet size. 

Directly below the main interface, you’ll see a set of arrows accompanied by the “Total Bet” label. You can then half the bet or double it, using the “/2” and “x2” links, respectively. After you find a bet size that you’re okay with, you can select Heads or Tails and flip the coin.

For more gameplay information, be sure to tap the “?” icon.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Heads & Tails casino game might not be overly diverse in terms of functionality, but the betting range certainly is. You can flip this coin for anywhere between $0.10 and $1000—a far greater range than other exciting games in our casino guides. Of course, the subsequent payouts are then adjusted based on the value of your wager.



Tired of the overly-ambitious creations of modern-day casino game developers? If so, why not bring it back to basics with this simple but thoroughly enjoyable game? 

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Heads & Tails Casino Game FAQs

Why Is The Payout Not 2x If There Is A 50:50 Chance?

That’s because the game has a house edge, as with all casino games.

Should I Pay Attention To The Outcome History When Playing?

That’s up to you. While some players use the history section as a gauge for their next choice, it doesn’t actually have an influence on the next outcome.

Can This Game Be Played On A Mobile Device?

Yes. You can enjoy this one on most smartphones with reasonably up-to-date software.

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